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From be­ing arch ri­vals to bo­som bud­dies, Shivani and Nia­mat, both 20, have come a long way. Wad­ing through the usual fights and mis­un­der­stand­ings, the girls have learnt to rise above their dif­fer­ences. And love and re­spect for each other isn’t the only thing in com­mon; mu­sic brought them closer too. In fact, be­hind their jibes at each other lies a deep emo­tional bond.

From walk­ing around school and singing out loud to spend­ing hours get­ting ready for night-outs and shar­ing both le­gal and il­le­gal ex­per­i­ments, the duo has been in­sep­a­ra­ble since the time they met in the 9th grade.

“She was the first out of us who ex­per­i­mented, while the rest of us just kind off stood in awe of her guts,” Nia­mat be­gins. Shivani protests with a laugh, “That is so not how it hap­pened. She was the first to ‘grow up’! She had the first boyfriend, and we were all liv­ing her re­la­tion­ship for one year.”

Nia­mat re­mem­bers one of these few fights they’ve had, on a school trip to Gwalior. “Ap­par­ently, I told her she was ugly (which I still swear I never did). She was so fu­ri­ous that she asked a boy I had a crush on to tell me how ugly I was in front of ev­ery­body. I was so em­bar­rassed, I don’t think I spoke to her for weeks.”

“Shivani is de­ceiv­ingly in­no­cent,” re­veals Nia­mat. “And she squeaks when she talks, I call her Squeak (which she hates). But she is thought­ful, re­silient, sta­ble, hugely creative and gen­er­ous. She is fit, has amaz­ing hair and doesn’t eat enough. But she won’t sleep in the same bed with me be­cause I kick and cud­dle and steal the blan­kets.”

Shivani re­torts, “I think a lot and she doesn’t at all. She has ab­so­lutely no hang-ups in life. She loves talk­ing, is self-ob­sessed and very dra­matic, most times for noth­ing. But that’s so Nia, and it’s what I love about her.”

With Nia­mat study­ing in Scot­land, Shivani misses “be­ing around one of the fun­ni­est peo­ple I know”. Life is a lit­tle dull with­out her “but she doesn’t seem to care”. She knows they will be great friends even when they are gran­nies.

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