The Pla‘Nnos’ Plan

Got noth­ing to do this week­end? Re­lax, hav­ing a free sched­ule is ac­tu­ally the coolest thing right now. Cosmo’s Caelia Corse ex­plains why...

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There I was, mak­ing com­mu­nal kitchen con­ver­sa­tion on a Fri­day morn­ing as I dig into kiwi fruit—of­fice work­ers will be fa­mil­iar with the age-old script: “I’m ex­cited. What are you do­ing this week­end? Are you go­ing out tonight?” These lines are in­vari­ably fol­lowed by the ver­ba­tim vice-versa, come Mon­day morn­ing: “I’m tired. What did you do on Satur­day? Don’t look at my out­fit; I’ve had a crazy week­end...”

Re­cently, how­ever, this longestab­lished kitchen dis­course has un­der­gone a se­ri­ous makeover. Ev­ery­where, women are ditch­ing over-com­mit­ted week­ends in favour of glee­fully an­nounc­ing they have ‘no plans’, and feel­ing fan­tas­tic for it.

It wasn’t too long ago that hav­ing noth­ing to do on a week­end in­di­cated your sta­tus as a so­cial pariah; it was far from ex­cit­ing, nor any­thing to ex­claim to co-work­ers with glee. But there’s been a seis­mic shift in what is con­sid­ered a ‘cool’ way to spend your Satur­day and

Sun­day. It’s al­most as if some­one had over­heard Kate Moss tell the Prim­rose Hill crew she’d be clean­ing the house and watch­ing DVDS of 24 all week­end. Yep, sud­denly ‘just chill­ing’ is the lat­est trend be­ing ‘tried on’ by women ev­ery­where. And guess what? It fits.

For me, send­ing pan­icked texts to pad out the hours be­tween a Satur­day mani and Sun­day lunch with mom is a thing of the past. I’ve strate­gi­cally planned to do noth­ing on the week­ends for some time now and the rea­son is sim­ple: I’m so tired from week­day life, I’ve had to learn to say no. For ex­am­ple, do I want to go out un­til 2am, spend the equiv­a­lent of a pair of shoes I’ve been lust­ing af­ter on drinks and din­ner, and feel like an arse the next day? No, but thanks for ask­ing...can we do cof­fee in­stead?

Don’t get me wrong, I still have fun, but these days, fun is a Fri­day night drink, backed up with brunch and a re­laxed day with friends. Over-com­mit­ting once made me feel pop­u­lar, as if my life was full. But, like many women, I’ve made a new com­mit­ment to give my­self a break. And my life is ‘fuller’ be­cause I now have more en­ergy to en­joy it.

Mon­day rolls around and, crea­ture of habit that I am, I’m eat­ing my kiwi again, chat­ting with col­leagues about the movies we saw, yoga classes we took, and the out­fits that re­sulted from the soul-lift­ing amount of wash­ing we did. Doesn’t it just make you want noth­ing?

‘Let’s see now, to take a step for­ward or not...’

She found that try­ing to bal­ance her­self in this po­si­tion took care of an en­tire Satur­day af­ter­noon

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