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Q. A lot of celeb LDRS have been end­ing. I want mine to work. Are there ways to stoke the spark from afar?

A. The key to keep­ing long dis­tance love hot is low-key con­tact. Text him funny pics (like that cute dog you saw in the park), and start a rit­ual where you chat be­fore bed...but keep it short. Shar­ing tonnes of lit­tle mo­ments ac­tu­ally makes you feel more con­nected than long, goopy chats once a week.

Q. My friend was laid off, and she keeps ask­ing me to go out and party with her since she has tonnes of time to kill and needs cheer­ing up. Can I show her I’m there for her with­out get­ting pulled un­der by her?

A. Do her a favour and in­vite her to your place for one-on-one wine time and ca­reer strate­gis­ing in­stead. Your friend may say she wants to drown her sor­rows in te­quila shots and techno mu­sic, but you both know rag­ing hang­overs won’t do a thing for her self­es­teem or job prospects. In fact, she may be feign­ing this ‘Woo-hoo, let’s party’ thing be­cause she’s wor­ried none of her friends are will­ing to sit down and help her talk things through. By hav­ing her over, you’re show­ing her you re­ally care...with­out end­ing up blearyeyed and ex­hausted your­self. Plus, you can help her sort her life out, too.

Q. How ex­pen­sive and painful is it to re­move a tat­too?

A. It’s pricey; there’s no way around it. Most tat­toos take be­tween five and 12 ses­sions to re­move. The cost will de­pend on the num­ber of treat­ments re­quired. That, in turn, de­pends on the size of the tat­too and its lo­ca­tion, depth, and colour. Tat­toos that con­tain yel­low, red, or cer­tain green pig­ments can be dif­fi­cult to re­move (can cost upto ₹ 10,000). Pro­fes­sion­ally ap­plied tat­toos tend to con­tain more ink than am­a­teur ver­sions, and usu­ally re­quire a greater num­ber of treat­ments, hence, higher costs. Luck­ily, the price is the most painful part—the laser feels no worse than the snap of a rub­ber band on your skin.

Q. I’m freaked out by all the sto­ries about stars’ phones be­ing hacked and their naked pics be­ing leaked all over the In­ter­net. Is there a way to keep my se­cret stuff safe?

A. First, lock your phone—that way, if you leave it some­where, a ran­dom stranger can’t pick it up and screw with it. Also, put a pass­word on data that you want to keep pri­vate, like your pic­tures and con­tacts. Fi­nally, when­ever you down­load a new app or game, be sure you do it from orig­i­nal app stores and is not pi­rated. Also en­sure that the pro­gram doesn’t con­tain Spy­ware.

Q. I’m grow­ing out my Leighton Meester–in­spired bangs. What’s a cute way to style them dur­ing the su­per awk­ward phase?

A. Brooch-like bobby pins are your new BFF, says Cosmo’s beauty di­rec­tor—they sweep your wispies out of your face and glam you up. To rock one, comb your hair into a deep side part, swoop your bangs over your fore­head so they’re graz­ing your eye, and pin them back as far as they’ll go past your ear. Or for vol­ume up top, gather your fringe, twist it, and pin it back, cre­at­ing a pouf.

Leighton Meester’s bangs are to­tally now

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