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1. __________ Kat. My nick­name is 2. story… My favourite love ______________ Gone With _________________ The Wind. 3. To score brownie points with me, a guy would have to... ___________ be hon­est, ___________ po­lite, ___________ hu­mor­ous and ___________ never fake it. 4. The per­fect ro­man­tic get­away is… ______________ any beach town. 5. Love does not... ask _________________ too many _________________ ques­tions. 6. How do you man­age such a fab body? Eat­ing ____________________ right and ex­er­cis­ing ____________________ is the key to ____________________ hav­ing a good and a ____________________ healthy body. I pre­fer ____________________ do­ing Pi­lates as I de­velop ____________________ mus­cles eas­ily. 7. You know a date is go­ing hor­ri­bly wrong when... ei­ther _______________ of you are snor­ing _______________ dur­ing din­ner. 8. If your house was on fire, what’s the one thing you’d run out with... ___________________ since I have two hands, ___________________ my phone to call loved ______________ ones to say I am ______________ fine, and my ______________ house help. 9. A su­per­power you wish you had… the ___________________ abil­ity to see the _______________________ fu­ture, but then as they _______________________ say, que sera sera . 10. One beauty tip that you swear by? _______________________ Drink lots of water and _______________________ get eight hours of sleep. 11. Ka­t­rina Kaif’s per­sonal style is... com­fort­ably _________________ re­laxed. 12. What’s the one thing you never leave home with­out? _______________________ Sun­screen and Veet ______________________ Hair Re­moval Cream. ______________________ I al­ways keep it in my ______________________ bag as I can use it ______________________ any­where, any­time.

13. What’s in­side your make-up bag? Eye­lash _________________ curler, water-proof _________________ _ mas­cara, __ M.A.C _________________ prod­ucts, and _________________ a lip gloss.

Kat be­lieves in keep­ing it com­fort­able

Her fave love story: Gone With The Wind

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