25 Think naughty thoughts on your way back from work, so when you get home, you’re al­ready in the mood to jump him.

Cosmopolitan (India) - - LOVE & LUST -

1 Have sex par­tially clothed, like the char­ac­ters on True Blood this past sea­son.

2 Cosmo’s 2011 Man Panel agreed that the hottest sext is: “I need you now”.

3 In an es­say for GQ, Kelly Ox­ford swore sex bar­ter­ing in­jects the ‘hot’. Try this: you do laun­dry; he g gives y you a sen­sual mas­sage.

4 “One should dry-hump as much as pos­si­ble; it leads to great things.” 5 Jenn Ber­man, PH.D., host of

The Love and Sex Show on Cosmo US’ Ra­dio, is al­ways asked “What can I do to in­crease my sex drive?” An­swer: get off more of­ten.

6 A sur­vey shows that Sailor Moon (spe­cial war­rior from Ja­panese manga car­toons) is the char­ac­ter guys most want to do. Role-play time...

7 Slip on cash­mere gloves, and slowly stroke his mem­ber.

8 Climb on top, and play with just the tip for a few min­utes. Then get up, grab some water, and leave him hang­ing. When you fi­nally take all of him, it’ll feel like sen­sory over­load.

9 Blind­fold­ing him is hot—ty­ing a silk scarf around his mouth is hot­ter.

10 Push an ex­er­cise ball up against the wall, have him sit on it, bounce on him.

11 Spike a pasta dish with saf­fron. Stud­ies prove it’s an aphro­disiac.

12 A Tro­jan sex poll re­vealed that the most ad­ven­tur­ous place peo­ple have had sex is in a car. Abuse the back­seat of your ve­hi­cle. 13 The sec­ond most dar­ing spot for sex? Some­one else’s bed. 14 Hold a vi­bra­tor against his shaft dur­ing oral. 15 Keep your stan­dards high: a study re­vealed you’re likely to O with a hot­tie.

16 Tilt up your hips dur­ing mis­sion­ary as he’ll hit your G-spot. 17 Try a lu­bri­cat­ing gel in bed (flavoured or not). Doc­tors around the world agree luve is an ‘or­gasm in a tube.’

18 A study de­ter­mined that guys lose their de­sire if they’re not men­tally turned on. Keep him en­gaged with a po­si­tion that packs an X-rated view, like the re­verse cow­girl po­si­tion, says Ava Cadell, PH.D.

19 Dab drops of lube on his pe­nis. Use fin­gers to con­nect the dots un­til he’s com­pletely slicked up.

20 Sit on the edge of the wash­ing ma­chine, and wrap your legs around his waist as he en­ters you. 21 Sci­en­tists dis­cov­ered nip­ple sen­sa­tions ac­ti­vate the same brain area as sen­sa­tions from the vagina. 22 Tease him all over his body with your tongue, then di­rect a hand­held fan at the spots you licked.


Get the Broke­back Moun­tain. DVD. Ac­cord­ing

to re­search in A Bil­lion

Wicked Thoughts, straight women get off from watch­ing male ro­mances.

24 Jump-start your O: a study found that when women mim­icked sounds of an or­gasm, they were able to bring it on.

26 Eat more frozen yogurt. A study found that low-fat dairy slashes belly fat, and pudge in that area can in­hibit or­gasms.

27 Have lazy morn­ing sex. Re­search re­veals peo­ple who get it on in early in the day are much hap­pier.

28 Take him down in the mid­dle of your fave show. Re­search re­veals guys wish their sex lives were more spon­ta­neous.

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