74 Make a sex bucket list, and check off one new thing once a month. Re­searchers found that long-term cou­ples who switched it up in bed re­mained in love.

Cosmopolitan (India) - - LOVE & LUST -

75 Jump into his arms, wrap your legs around his waist, and grind your pelvis against his. The paps caught mul­ti­ple celebs in this flirty pose.

76 The Twi­light Saga:

Break­ing Dawn Part I’s sex scene is hot be­cause they held out so damn long.

77 The sec­ond most pop­u­lar call Jenn Ber­man, PH.D., re­ceived was “What’s the best way to give sex di­rec­tions to a guy?” Play up what he’s do­ing well, like “I love how you kiss me”.

78 Shut the garage door, climb onto the hood of your car, and have your guy en­ter you stand­ing up.

79 The G-spot feels more pro­nounced when you’re turned on; make sure you’re aroused be­fore search­ing.

80 Tell him to open his eyes. Ava Cadell, PH.D., says men tend to close them dur­ing sex and get lost in their thoughts.

81 Own your O ex­pres­sion. Rapper Trey Songz wrote an ode to it, Love Faces.

82 Take a quick half shower af­ter work. Re­search in­di­cates that arousal hap­pens eas­ily for women when they feel clean.

83 Try this fun chal­lenge: slide a candy neck­lace around your thigh, then have him nib­ble it off.

84 “When­ever I buy a pair of shoes, I al­ways wear them first in the be­d­room, dur­ing the sex act.”—bri­tish TV host, Holly Wil­loughby.

85 Have him tug on the ends of your hair mid-sex—there are tonnes of nerves in the scalp, and arousal makes them more sen­si­tive.

86 Be de­mand­ing. A new study proves that women who are com­fort­able ask­ing their part­ners to do things for them have more or­gasms than those who aren’t.

87 “Mi­randa likes me dirty.” —Mu­si­cian Blake Shel­ton, on what gets his wife go­ing.

88 Climb on top of him then en lean back back, rest­ing an el­bow on the bed, on ei­ther side of his legs. Rub up and down on his pe­nis un­til he’s erect.

89 Try the doc­tors’ go-all-night smoothie for ex­tra en­ergy: blend a ba­nana, one-fourth cup orange juice, and skim milk, then stir in the yo­ghurt.

90 OK Cupid found that women who like work­ing out re­port twice as many or­gasms as women who don’t.

91 Get plea­sure from his feet: lie down, legs apart, then he should then use his big toe to stim­u­late your cli­toris.

92 Crank up the heat in your be­d­room. As hot yoga shows, high tem­per­a­tures in­crease flex­i­bil­ity. 93 “Use can­dle­light, put the cam­era as far away as pos­si­ble, and shoot through a piece of cheese­cloth.” — Friends With

Ben­e­fits di­rec­tor Will Gluck on how to shoot a solid sex scene at home.

94 Break out a mir­ror. Ava Cadell, PH.D., says see­ing your­selves hot and writhing around ups the in­ten­sity.

95 De­velop a naughty al­ter ego, like Bey­oncé’s Sasha Fierce, who comes out only dur­ing sex.

96 To put on a con­dom with your mouth: press the tip of the glove against his pe­nis, then roll it down us­ing your lips.

97 Ini­ti­ate sex. The com­plaint Bev­erly Hills-based psy­chother­a­pist Jenn Ber­man gets from men is that their ladies rarely make the first move.

98 Jump him in the shower—a

Cosmo poll found that 48 per­cent of guys think about sex while suds­ing up.

99 Bind his wrists be­fore you per­form oral on him. A study dis­cov­ered that women find fel­la­tio em­pow­er­ing, and re­strict­ing him greatly height­ens that ballsy feel­ing.

100 Ex­perts have found that full­body or­gasms are pos­si­ble. To have one, quickly squeeze your Kegel mus­cles right be­fore you cli­max.

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