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Q. I’ve been dat­ing a guy for five months, and he just let it slip that he slept with a girl a few months af­ter we met. I thought a re­la­tion­ship is ex­clu­sive af­ter you’ve had sex a cou­ple of times?!

A. Gen­er­ally, no. Most guys think it’s okay to sleep with other women un­til they specif­i­cally agree to stop. That’s why it’s so im­por­tant to have the ex­clu­siv­ity con­ver­sa­tion. If you don’t, he’s likely ei­ther to be obliv­i­ous to what you’re think­ing, or take ad­van­tage of the fact that it’s not cheating since he never said he’d be ex­clu­sive. When you bring up the topic is your call; it could be af­ter sleep­ing to­gether a cou­ple of times, 10 times, or zero times, be­cause you don’t want to have sex if he’s hook­ing up with oth­ers. Just have the con­ver­sa­tion out­side the be­d­room, and make it a dis­cus­sion, not an ul­ti­ma­tum. Try, “I’d like us to stop see­ing other peo­ple. How do you feel about that?” If he isn’t on the same page, it doesn’t mean he never will be. But a guy who has no in­ter­est in a se­ri­ous re­la­tion­ship with you would break things off at this point to avoid any fur­ther messi­ness.

Q. What’s the hottest new trend in tights?

A. Lurex tights—aka the sparkly ones—are huge right now. Wear gold or sil­ver with an Lbd—they’re ver­sa­tile enough to fly dur­ing the day and at night. An­other hot ‘tights trend’ is em­bel­lished ones. Look for ones with crys­tals or rock-glam em­bel­lish­ment.

Q. I have a crush on a taken guy. Should I make a move?

A. It de­pends—you don’t want to lower your­self to home-wrecker sta­tus over a ran­dom crush. But if you’re con­vinced he could be the love of your life, tell him, “I would never want to break up a great cou­ple, but if things don’t work out, let me know”. You have done your best to make sure you don’t feel guilty about break­ing a re­la­tion­ship even though you fell in love with a com­mit­ted guy. Worst-case sce­nario: he brushes you off. Best-case: he isn’t happy, and you give him an­other rea­son to move on.

Q. My hus­band and I are both stuck in a salary freeze, and it’s tak­ing a men­tal toll on us. How can we ditch our rut?

A. Cou­ple ther­a­pists say to shift your fo­cus from your cash is­sues to what it is you love about each other by find­ing cheap, fun ways to play at least once a week (hit a shop­ping mall, go see a movie in­stead of hit­ting a club, eat from a road-side eatery, en­joy a warm cup of cof­fee on a cold, rainy day, or just watch a play that has hit town). You’ll still feel poor but also lucky as hell to have each other.

Q. I have a job in­ter­view, and my face has bro­ken out. Should I men­tion it?

A. Nope. Ca­reer ex­perts say call­ing at­ten­tion to a phys­i­cal flaw makes you seem in­se­cure, and em­ploy­ers favour con­fi­dent can­di­dates who can tackle any­thing. In­stead, ap­ply oil-free foun­da­tion, then set it with translu­cent pow­der that matches your skin tone.

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