Do You Make Your Friends Jealous?

Cosmopolitan (India) - - QUIZ -

1. You and your new man are meet­ing your sin­gle friend for brunch. At the ta­ble, you and he act:

Like you nor­mally would to­gether, but noth­ing gag-wor­thy.

More re­served than usual, so you give off the group-hang vibe.

Kinda cutesy, since it’s hard to keep new-cou­ple sparks un­der wraps.

2. At work on Mon­day morn­ing, your col­league asks how your week­end was. How do you re­ply?

“Fun! Maybe it was my ban­dage dress, but we went out and I got hit on all night.”

“I tried that new sushi place. OMG, they have the best shrimp tem­pura!”

“Pretty good; I didn’t do any­thing spe­cial. How was yours?”

3. Your room­mate no­tices you’ve shed some weight, then gripes she still can’t wig­gle into her skinny jeans. You:

Joke, “Yeah, I al­ways gain and lose the same ki­los—i’m sure they’ll be back.”

Re­ply, “It wasn’t that hard; I just cut down a bit and voilà! I couldn’t be­lieve it.”

Tell her you’ve been jog­ging your butt off and ask if she’s up for a run some­time soon.

4. Your BFF con­fides that she wishes she had a sweet, sexy boyfriend like you do. You respond by:

Say­ing that you’re def­i­nitely lucky, then men­tion­ing that he has sweet (and sin­gle!) friends.

Agree­ing that your boyfriend is awe­some and adding that you think he could be The One.

Giv­ing her a nod and chang­ing the sub­ject to the fun get­away you two have been try­ing to plan.

5. A close co-worker just got chewed out by the boss. When she asks if he’s ever be­haved like that with you (he hasn’t), you say:

“Yeah, he’s done that to a lot of peo­ple I know. It’s al­most like a rite of pas­sage.”

“Not that I can re­call, but don’t sweat it. He’s just in a very bad mood.”

“Nah! I’m on his good side now—knock on wood.”

She could han­dle the kiss­ing, but she hated yel­low bal­loons!

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