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“I went to a movie with my boyfriend. Af­ter we chose our seats, I had to hit the bathroom. By the time I got back, the pre­views had started and the theatre was dark. I sat down next to my guy, held his hand, and whis­pered, ‘Miss me?’ But it wasn’t was some ran­dom guy! My BF, a few rows back, saw it, and cracked up.” to ig­nore her, but even­tu­ally, I got pissed and de­cided to do some­thing. She left her de­signer purse hang­ing on the back of a bar stool, so when no one was look­ing, I poured my en­tire mar­garita into it. She didn’t open her bag for the rest of the night, but I still laugh think­ing about her go­ing home and find­ing her stuff soaked with a drink.” her of­fice and handed me a page that had my on­line fight on it. I’d ac­ci­den­tally printed it out and sta­pled it to the memo. I got a big lec­ture about do­ing per­sonal stuff at work, and now she knows all about my love life (cringe!).”

No­body told her that the blink­ing game was over a

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