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“I’ve hated creepy-crawlies since I was a lit­tle boy, but when I moved in with my girl­friend for the week­end, I didn’t want to sound like a wuss by telling her how much they scared me. One morn­ing, I was brush­ing my teeth when I looked up at the mir­ror and I spot­ted a huge spi­der right be­hind me. I wanted to scream, but in­stead, I slowly backed out of the bathroom, ran down the stairs, and fin­ished brush­ing my teeth in the down­stairs bathroom. A cou­ple of hours later, my girl­friend went in to use the shower, and screamed her head off when she saw the spi­der—then had to get rid of it her­self. I crept up­stairs mo­ments later and ex­plained how sorry I was that I hadn’t been there to help her get rid of it—she to­tally be­lieved me!”

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