This Man

You can’t ig­nore P’trique—he has a beard, a fringe, wears lip­stick, and is hi­lar­i­ous!


The self-pro­claimed de­signer, style icon, muse, com­men­ta­tor, oenophile, racon­teur, and for­mer debu­tante, among other ti­tles, has got over a mil­lion hits on Youtube for his hi­lar­i­ously re­al­is­tic and, re­fresh­ingly spot-on videos.

Who? What? How? Why? Well, P’trique is a guy, dressed as a girl, who de­cided to do spoof videos on women in the fash­ion in­dus­try. Just some of the hi­lar­i­ous stuff that came out: “Should I get baaangs?”; “Did you see Gos­sip Girl this week?! I want all of Blair’s coats!” and “Ooh, is this Wang?!”

In fact, P’trique’s videos be­came such an In­ter­net sen­sa­tion, that he now has be­hind-the-scenes ac­cess to fash­ion weeks, and re­cently con­cluded Skype ses­sions with Lady Gaga’s stylist. P’trique’s mes­sage to his view­ers is, “Life is like wear­ing Kabuki-in­spired min­i­mal­ism with Chanel gau­chos. You just have to go for it!” So, get on­line, fol­low him and pre­pare to snig­ger!

“Can I have a half fat, no sweet, no whipped, half soy latte? Thank you!” It looked like For­ever 21 vom­ited all over her!” “I’m go­ing to ear-mark this page in case you’re feel­ing spendy.” “Oh SO chic. OMG cute. Chic. Hate. Love it. Totes amaze!” “Tweet it! Oh My God I’m TO­TALLY tweet­ing that!” Sonam Kapoor works a corn­row braid Dia Mirza car­ries off the clas­sic loose braid. Fol­low P’trique on twit­ter: @ the­p­lat­formyt Youtube the funny se­ries— Sh*t Fash­ion Girls Say P’trique is just Totes Amaze!

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