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From ran­dom lit­tle is­sues to ma­jor life dra­mas, we’ve got your back. Q. Ripped jeans are sexy, but I don’t want to buy them. How can I make my old jeans look hot, not trashy? A. Q. I love the cat eye (like Kate Moss and Kim Kar­dashian do it to per­fec­tion)

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It’ll be a rough sell no mat­ter what you write, since they likely felt dissed, but your best bet is to men­tion the Time­line fea­ture. Say that hav­ing your past more out in the open made you hy­per aware of just how much info you’ve been shar­ing, so you’re try­ing to be less public. To as­sure your pals that you’re not blow­ing them off, give out your per­sonal e-mail and say, “Hit me up when­ever.”

fash­ion team sug­gests choos­ing boyfriend-style faded jeans, not dark ones. Cut three or four holes, no more than two inches each, on the thigh of each pant leg, scat­ter­ing them ran­domly so they’re not in a straight line. Use a scis­sor edge to fray the freshly snipped denim.

Try ‘kit­ten liner’, a hot new trend that’s a more sub­tle ver­sion of the look and will make you stand out, but sub­tly. To get it, sim­ply run a liq­uid liner along your up­per lash line, start­ing thin at the in­ner corner and get­ting thicker as you move out­ward. Then flick the liner up and out in the cat- like shape, but go only about a quar­ter inch past your eye. It shouldn’t look blotchy and un­even.

He prob­a­bly likes the at­ten­tion, since it’s a new thing, so the key for you is to com­pli­ment him too—with­out seem­ing jealous. Next time a girl ogles, say, “Well, she’s got good taste”. He’ll like the re­mark...and you for not go­ing all greeneyed mon­ster on him. Plus, re­search has found that guys are at­tracted to women who com­pli­ment them, so your boost will bond your re­la­tion­ship, too.

Text or e-mail her: “I know things are awk­ward right now, but I need that dress for an event. Can you please leave it with your roomie for me, and we’ll talk later?” Since you’re not be­ing rude, she’ll likely com­ply... and then you can hash out your ac­tual is­sue down the road, once you’ve both cooled.

If you’re ex­plor­ing solo, re­cline so you’re sit­ting with your back against a pil­low and your legs out­stretched. Use some lube, and in­sert two or three fin­gers in­side your vagina. Press the pads of your fin­gers against the front vagi­nal wall (the same side as your stom­ach). Feel around for a swollen, puck­ered, wrinkly area about 2 to 3 inches up from the open­ing—it’s usu­ally about the size of a dime. If your guy is the one on the hunt, he’ll have eas­ier ac­cess if you lie on your stom­ach, legs apart, with a pil­low un­der­neath your hips so they’re el­e­vated (and then he should do the same thing with his fin­gers).

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