Do You Know When to Go With Your Gut?

Cosmopolitan (India) - - QUIZ -

1You want to move and you find an awe­some place, but some­thing about the land­lord bugs you. You:

a Take it any­way. It’s not like you’ll need to deal with him that of­ten. b Gather some in­tel by talk­ing to other tenants in the build­ing. c Keep search­ing to see if you can find some­thing bet­ter.

2You’re look­ing at your boyfriend’s Face­book Time­line when you see that he’s just friended his ex. What do you do?

a You tell him you no­ticed they’ve con­nected to gauge his re­ac­tion. b You friend her too, so you can check out her page. c You de­cide to find your ex and see what he’s up to.

3You get the feel­ing your boss is un­happy with you. You de­cide to:

a Re­vamp your re­sume and start search­ing for other jobs. b Stay silent but keep your an­tenna up for any more weird vibes. c Put in ex­tra hours to per­fect your skills, then ask for a re­view.

4You’re on a first date. He seemed great on pa­per, but there’s no chem­istry. Do you see him again?

a First dates can be awk­ward, so you give him one more chance. b No way. With­out an in­stant con­nec­tion, there’s no point. c You con­sider it for a few days and de­cide not to.

5 It’s your BFF’S birth­day and she gave you no clues about what to get her. You de­cide to go with:

a A cool scarf. You’re not sure why, but it just screams her name. b Hot pink lip­stick. She sticks with nudes, so maybe it’ll in­spire her. c A mani-pedi at her usual spa.

Some­thing in­side her told her to go with the blue nail colour

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