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Hol­ly­wood cutie Zac Efron talks about play­ing a sol­dier in the film The Lucky One, the hi­lar­i­ous love scenes, caring about box-of­fice rat­ing and be­ing caught top­less on his bal­cony...

Cosmo: Tell us about The Lucky One?

Zac Efron: “I play a ma­rine. Lo­gan, who has barely sur­vived a blast, cred­its his life to this picture he found of this young woman. He has no idea who she is, but he makes it his mis­sion to find her and re­pay her for sav­ing his life. I won’t give away the end­ing, but it is very ro­man­tic.”

C: This isn’t a mu­si­cal and it’s not a com­edy. Did you take on this role for this very rea­son?

ZE: “Ab­so­lutely. I al­ways look for roles that chal­lenge me and help me grow, and this film was one of those. It is very dif­fer­ent from any­thing I have done be­fore.”

C: Do you care about the box of­fice?

ZE: “I like it be­cause it makes ev­ery­one who works on the movie with you in­cred­i­bly happy. I would be self­ish if I didn’t care. But at the same time you can­not be overly in­vested in that.”

C: Did you re­alise that the pa­parazzi caught you top­less on your ho­tel bal­cony, the other day?

ZE: “I had no idea. I was just re­lax­ing. Then all of a sud­den se­cu­rity ran in to my room say­ing ‘Dude, what are you do­ing?’ I had no idea.”

C: You seem like you have your head screwed on for a young guy...

ZE: “From very early on, I set a goal to keep my in­tegrity. I had a great up­bring­ing and I wanted to make this about the work, not fame. I have been very lucky on my work­ing path.”

C: Your af­fect on teenage girls...

ZE: “I am grate­ful for it. I should re­ally thank my par­ents for telling me to cut my hair be­cause peo­ple are ap­pre­ci­at­ing it.”

Zac Efron

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