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“‘Fat talk’ is a grow­ing epi­demic. A few years ago, I had an ac­ci­dent, and put on 12 ki­los be­cause of the med­i­ca­tion and its side-ef­fects. When I sud­denly lost weight af­ter rig­or­ous ex­er­cise, I saw how peo­ple around me re­acted. Ev­ery­one thought to re­gain my slim­mer shape, I had gone on a crash diet—it was so de­mean­ing! Women do get bitchy about weight and pass ob­nox­ious com­ments about each other. I eat healthy, in fact I eat ev­ery two hours, but I am also hooked on to my work outs and never miss a day of ex­er­cise.”


“We should sto op re­in­forc­ing ide eas about body im­age an nd Size Zero. It en­cou urages dis­or­ders like bu­limia and anorexia and goes against a wom man’s nat­u­ral body. In­dian wom­enw have al­ways been curvy, ac­cept it! ‘Fat t talk’ amongst wo omen will al­ways be th here, but at least we sho ould be con­scious enoughe not

to en­cour­age it.”i


“Be­ing thin is of­ten mis­un­der­stood as be­ing fit. A thin per­son is not nec­es­sar­ily healthy. So I strongly sug­gest women lis­ten to their bod­ies care­fully and fol­low what it says. Be proac­tive about not putting on ki­los, fol­low a diet chart, ex­er­cise and above all, think pos­i­tive and be kind to­wards yours—and other women’s—bod­ies.”


healthy is most “I think be­ing end of the im­por­tant, and at the down to body day, it all boils a fig­ure and not what con­fi­dence, scale. I’ve the weigh­ing you see on in the a big be­liever al­ways been fact that more than weight, it’s about at­ti­tude.”


“We don’t need to ban the word ‘fat’, we need to ban us­ing it in a neg­a­tive and harm­ful way. Hon­estly, I did feel the pres­sure to be thin—in school, ev­ery girl wanted to be su­per skinny! Women tend to over­crit­i­cise other women’s bod­ies, it is part of their genes, you can’t fight it! But it is im­por­tant to stop fo­cus­ing on their own and other women’s ‘fat’ be­cause a body type is a body type, and one has to learn to be happy with one’s body. We’re all go­ing to get old and wrinkly some day, so there bet­ter be more to us than just how we look.”

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