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is a full-time dep­re­ca­tion self- “You know, in the in­dus­try for most artists oc­cu­pa­tion it’s a I won­der if we work The prob­lem be hon­est, mo­ti­va­tion! funny way of more aes­thetic be­comes be­gins when should health. Women im­por­tant than with an health holis­ti­cally, fo­cus on defin­ing im­age, aware­ness firmly be­lieve of weight and body about it.i with­out ob­sess­ing ev­ery­thing in life. So bal­ance is the key to to ‘fat talk’.” and say no keep it sim­ple,


“Ev­ery woman should re­mem­ber that it’ ’s not so much about be­ing fat or thin, it’s about be­ing at a healthy weight. It was my mom who helped me lose 35 ki­los, and it changed my life. I had to give up all the un­healthy things that I love—fried food, choco­lates, ice-cream m. Yes, I do feel the pres­sure to be fit; I ex­er­cise a lot to keep the weight off.”


“The world is ac­knowl­edg­ing that we’re not the weaker sex, we’re the priv­i­leged sex, so cel­e­brate that. And part of be­long­ing to the fem­i­nine world is the ac­cep­tance of your curves. A lit­tle ‘fat’ here or there is fine, if you cel­e­brate it, the world will. I’ve been called the most de­sir­able ‘12-kilo over­weight’ in The Dirty Picture, take a cue. Go eat that muf­fin that you’ve been want­ing to!”


“Pop­u­lar me­dia has had a se­vere ef­fect on the aes­thet­ics and con­cepts of beauty across the world. There is a stan­dard­ised un­der­stand­ing of beauty that’s be­ing sold the world over, which is harm­ful to women and can have se­ri­ous reper­cus­sions. I feel that the mat­ter is sim­ple—each cul­ture and race comes with its own beau­ti­ful char­ac­ter­is­tics, and we should not try and dis­guise them in an at­tempt to be­come a pro­to­type of some­one else. It is our in­di­vid­u­al­ity that sets us apart, so re­tain it and revel in it. Be­ing ob­sessed with your weight is un­healthy men­tally, as well as phys­i­cally. Eat well, ex­er­cise and treat your body with re­spect and in turn, it willl serve yoyou well.”


“Thin is never un­healthy, if f you are built that way. On the other hand, obe­sity can le ead to life­style dis­eases. Women with­out judg­ing, should talk about body weight in a help­ful way, so o that they are aware of the d angers. Look ata Vidya Balan,, what a stu­pen­ndous job b she has done inn Thedir rtyp­ic­ture de­sp­pite her lo ove han­dles.”


“I think peo­ple love bring­ing oth­erth peo­ple eo­ple doown, and it’s not just re­stricted to wweight. You should have the con­fi­dence annd be­lief in your­self and your abil­i­ties; yoou have to be strong. Love your body annd don’t be­come a vic­tim of fads and wwhat oth­ers think.”

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