His 40 Wildest Sex Se­crets Re­vealed

Real guys re­veal their be­d­room deeds.

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In an ideal world, how of­ten would you have sex? TOP THREE AN­SWERS A few times a week: 46% Ev­ery day: 35% More than once a day: 14%


What’s the most num­ber of times you’ve had sex in one day? Three: 32% Five or more: 28% Four: 23% Two: 15%

One: 2%


How long do you need to re­cover be­tween rounds of sex be­fore you’re ready to go again? Twenty min­utes to an hour: 50% Less than twenty min­utes: 36% Sev­eral hours: 13% Up to a day or longer: 1%


What’s the sex­i­est way for a girl to let you know she’s in the mood? Brush­ing a fin­ger over my pack­age and giv­ing me a look: 45% Kiss­ing me deeply with tongue: 24% Send­ing me a dirty text: 20% Slowly be­gin­ning to strip: 11%


In an ideal world, how long would fore­play last? TOP THREE AN­SWERS Ten to fif­teen min­utes: 32% Five to ten min­utes: 28% Fif­teen to twenty min­utes: 19%


In an ideal world, how long would vagi­nal in­ter­course last? TOP THREE AN­SWERS Ten to fif­teen min­utes: 29% Fif­teen to twenty min­utes: 28% More than twenty min­utes: 24%


Out­side the be­d­room, where in the house is your fave place to get down? On the couch: 38% In the shower: 28% In front of the bathroom mir­ror: 13% On the kitchen counter: 13% On the floor: 8%


What’s your all-time favourite sex act? TOP FIVE AN­SWERS Vagi­nal in­ter­course: 47% Re­ceiv­ing oral sex: 15% Sixty-nine: 14% Per­form­ing oral sex: 10% Per­form­ing anal sex: 4%


What’s your favourite sex po­si­tion? Girl on top: 35% Dog­gie-style: 32% Re­verse cow­girl: 15% Mis­sion­ary: 14% Spoon­ing: 4%


Choose the type of sex you pre­fer: Slow and pas­sion­ate: 63% Fast and ag­gres­sive: 37%


What’s the hottest thing a girl can wear to bed? Boy shorts and a tank top: 40% Noth­ing at all: 34% A silky neg­ligee: 22% Sweat­pants and a T-shirt: 4%


What about to se­duce you? TOP THREE AN­SWERS A sexy lit­tle black dress: 32% Lin­gerie: 24% Skinny jeans with a breast-y top: 21%


Which is a big­ger prob­lem for you in the be­d­room? Not last­ing long enough: 42% I don’t have any prob­lems: 24% Last­ing too long: 18% Go­ing soft in­side her: 10% Not be­ing able to get it up: 6%


When you have a pe­nis prob­lem in bed, how do you want your girl­friend to respond? “Hey, no big deal—you’ve still got a tongue and fin­gers, don’t you?”: 56% “Don’t worry, we don’t have to hook up tonight. You want a mas­sage?”: 26% I don’t want her to men­tion it: 14% “It’s a cliché be­cause it’s true—it re­ally does hap­pen to all guys. Let’s see what’s on TV.”: 4%


How long do you ex­pect to wait be­fore hav­ing sex with a new girl you’ve just started see­ing? Three dates: 45% Five dates or more: 26% Two dates: 12% Four dates: 11% One date: 6%


Will you sleep with a woman on a first date? Yes: 68% No: 32%


If you sleep with a woman on a first date, what are the chances that you’ll ask for a sec­ond date? Only if the date was fun: 50% Very likely: 27% Not very likely/not gonna hap­pen: 15% Only if the sex was good: 8%


How of­ten do you watch porn? TOP FOUR AN­SWERS At least once a week: 46% Sev­eral times a month: 20% Rarely or never: 14% At least once a day: 6%


How do you feel about watch­ing porn with a girl­friend or wife? I love it: 72% I’m not crazy about it: 28%


If you’re not crazy about it, why not? I’m wor­ried she’ll be up­set or of­fended by what I like: 48% Porn is my es­cape: 39% She’s into porn that I’m not into: 13%


Ide­ally, how much time should a woman spend go­ing down on you? Five min­utes or less: 41% Un­til I or­gasm: 33% More than five min­utes: 26%


How of­ten would you pre­fer a woman go down on you be­fore sex? Some­times: 36% Most of the time: 35% Ev­ery time: 18% Once in a while: 10% Never: 1%


How of­ten would you pre­fer to go down on a woman be­fore sex? Most of the time: 39% Some­times: 27% Ev­ery time: 25% Once in a while: 7% Never: 2%


The key to amaz­ing oral sex is... En­thu­si­asm: 45% Also us­ing your hands: 22% Show­ing the balls some love too: 13% Deep-throat­ing: 11% Lots of saliva: 5% Pay­ing at­ten­tion to my back door: 4%


Will you have sex with a woman when she’s on her pe­riod? Yes: 62% No: 38%


What do you want her to do to your nip­ples dur­ing sex? Leave them alone: 50% Kiss, lick, and suck them: 42% Bite and pinch them: 8%


Do you like it when a woman puts her fin­ger in your back door? No: 59% Yes: 21% If that’s what she’s into: 20%


What are some items on your ul­ti­mate sex check­list? Sex on the beach: 71% Get­ting oral sex while driv­ing: 69% Mak­ing a sex tape: 52% Part­ner swap­ping: 16%


Would you ever want to par­tic­i­pate in a three­some? Yes, and I haven’t done it yet: 61% No, and I’ve never done it: 21% Yes, and I’ve done it be­fore: 16% No, and I’ve done it be­fore: 2%


Would you ever want to per­form anal sex? Yes, and I’ve done it be­fore: 44% Yes, and I haven’t done it yet: 26% No, and I’ve never done it: 22% No, and I’ve done it be­fore: 8%


What’s your favourite 69 po­si­tion? TOP THREE AN­SWERS I’m on the bot­tom; she’s on top: 77% We’re on our sides: 12% I’m on top; she’s on the bot­tom: 9%


Do you like to role-play in bed? Yes, and I haven’t done it yet: 43% No, and I’ve never done it: 26% Yes, and I’ve done it be­fore: 25% No, and I’ve done it be­fore: 6%


What’s the hottest char­ac­ter for a girl to dress up as? TOP FOUR AN­SWERS Schoolgirl: 32% Sec­re­tary: 16% Nurse: 13% Teacher: 12%


What po­si­tion gives you the hottest view of her body? Girl on top: 68% Dog­gie-style: 17% Re­verse cow­girl: 13% Spoon­ing: 2%


What do you re­ally want to hear dur­ing dirty talk in the bed? What she wants me to do to her: 55% What­ever pops into her head: 25% What I’m do­ing that’s so hot: 20%

They were so close, they even had his and her’s jeans!

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