Count­down to a Peachy Bum

Newsflash: di­et­ing and hard­core ex­er­cise won’t blitz your cel­lulite. But we know other tricks that will...

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Sum­mer is here—and with our dim­ple-bust­ing plan, so is your smoothest bot­tom ever.

Eat Fat

Cut­ting fat from your diet to lose inches off your thighs is plain silly. So says per­sonal trainer James Duigan, the man be­hind Elle Macpher­son’s and Rosie-hunt­ing­ton-white­ley’s lust-have physiques. “Not only will you feel hun­gry all the time, but the fatty acids in nat­u­ral, un­pro­cessed sources of fat ac­tu­ally help to process fat from the body,” he says. Just stick to good fat (found in nuts, fish, plant oil and av­o­ca­dos) and avoid hard, white fat or meat and any­thing deep-fried or with ‘hy­dro­genated’

on the la­bel.

The real en­emy, says James, is ‘diet’ foods (full of ad­di­tives or sugar) and CRAP (Caf­feine, Re­fined sugar, Al­co­hol and Pro­cessed foods): “Cel­lulite is toxic fat, and these foods flood the body with tox­ins and fat-stor­ing hor­mones, de­plet­ing it of es­sen­tial nu­tri­ents, so they’re a sure-fire route to a lumpy bot­tom.” Eat home-cooked meals and nat­u­ral, un­pro­cessed foods. Plus, avoid pre­served foods or any­thing that has added sugar, fake flavours or un­fa­mil­iar in­gre­di­ents.

Chill Out

Stress gives you love han­dles and sad­dle­bags; it sends fight-or-flight hor­mones rac­ing around your body, and with­out a sabre­toothed tiger to slay (your stress is more likely due to deadlines and credit-card pay­ments), these hor­mones are stored as fat. “I’ve seen clients go­ing through a stress­ful pe­riod de­velop cel­lulite in a mat­ter of months,” says masseuse and cel­lulite ex­pert Tetyana Ni­roomand-rad. So make it your busi­ness to re­lax more. Get im­mersed in a hobby, go for long walks, get a dog (stroking one low­ers your blood pres­sure—fact), and re­place jit­ter-in­duc­ing junk food, fizzy drinks and muffins with stress-bust­ing berries, green veg­gies, and turkey.

She won’t need to hide her butt

be­hind those bal­loons any­more

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