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Q. The new guy I’m dat­ing is just out of a re­la­tion­ship, and he in­sists on tak­ing tonnes of pho­tos of us and post­ing them asap. Is he us­ing me to put up jeal­ousy pics?

A. Since you’re ob­vi­ously sexy, it makes sense that he’d want to show you off a bit. But in­sta-post­ing a del­uge of hot pics is ex­treme.. and means he may still be reel­ing from his split, ex­perts say. Odds are, he’s hung up on his ex and over­com­pen­sat­ing by show­ing the world (and her) that this newly sin­gle guy’s got game. Be cau­tious.

Q. Heidi Klum and Seal’s mar­riage seemed to un­ravel so quickly. Can a re­la­tion­ship re­ally crum­ble that fast?

A. Our love gu­rus say that most seem­ingly abrupt break-ups are ac­tu­ally the re­sult of deeper con­flicts that have built up over time. So even though we didn’t see signs of Heidi and Seal’s grad­ual down­fall, it’s pretty likely they had pri­vate spats long be­fore the split.

Q. Lots of celebs are wear­ing cute, funky hats. How can I pre­vent a hat head?

A. To be sure your locks don’t end up flat post-hat, use this trick from top NYC hair­styl­ist De­nine Smith: be­fore you put on your hat, part your hair on the op­po­site side than you usu­ally do. Then when you take it off, flip your part back to your reg­u­lar side. This move will give your hair tonnes of vol­ume.

Q. My best friend loves gos­sip­ing about our friends, but I feel weird talk­ing about them all the time. Ad­vice?

A. Say, “Look, I feel re­ally bad trashtalk­ing the other girls like this. I’d hate it if I knew they talked about me. Can we switch sub­jects?” Since you said it makes you feel bad, she won’t feel like you’re ac­cus­ing her... and she’ll prob­a­bly keep mum about it.

Q. I love that candy-coloured jeans are so in right now. What’s the best kind of top to wear with them?

A. Cosmo fash­ion di­rec­tor Michelle Mccool says you have two op­tions. If you’re wear­ing pas­tel pants, like laven­der, choose a pas­tel top in a dif­fer­ent colour, like mint green. But if you’re rock­ing eye-pop­ping brights on the bot­tom, go with a sim­ple white shirt.

Heidi Klum and Seal seemed like a happy cou­ple be­fore the sur­pris­ing split

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