The Thing He’s Dy­ing to See Dur­ing Sex

It’s a lit­tle raw and wild, but give him this ir­re­sistible eye­ful and you’ll rule the bed­room... not to men­tion his en­tire uni­verse.

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You know men love look­ing at your breasts. Your O face? Got it. But ex­perts are learn­ing there’s some­thing else guys re­ally want to see in the sack. “Men get in­tensely turned on watch­ing them­selves en­ter you,” says Ian Kerner, Ph.D., au­thor of She Comes First. In fact, dudes find this im­age so hot, clips fea­tur­ing close-up shots of pen­e­tra­tion are get­ting mil­lions of hits on the web lately. In this era of sex­ual in­ti­macy, the ex­change of plea­sure oc­curs on a level playing field and ful­fill­ment is mu­tual. Al­ways cu­ri­ous about new ways to push the en­ve­lope in bed, we asked the pros to give de­tails.

Why it Gets Him So Hot

At first, it seems a bit shock­ing that he ac­tu­ally wants to fix­ate on his own pack­age dur­ing sex. But when ex­perts ex­plain, the idea makes sense. “It taps into a guy’s crav­ing for sex­ual power,” says Kerner. “See­ing his pe­nis inside you af­firms that he’s giv­ing you im­mense plea­sure.” Plus, men get off on the fact that it’s a dirty pic­ture that’s out of the norm. “Of­ten, peo­ple get it on in the dark, un­der cov­ers, or in po­si­tions that make it easy for a guy to watch a woman’s face or body,” says Kerner.

“So do­ing it in such a way that pro­vides him with a clear shot of the real ac­tion is to­tally new and highly erotic.” Of course, the graphic na­ture of wit­ness­ing pen­e­tra­tion doesn’t hurt ei­ther. “Get­ting a glimpse of some­thing so raw makes him feel he’s break­ing a taboo, and ba­si­cally, that’s just hot,” says Kerner.

How to give Him That Mind­Blow­ing View

If you want to be in con­trol, strad­dle him on top, lean back, and rest your hands on his up­per thighs. This will open up your pelvic area, so you’re fully ex­posed to him. “It’s one of the sex­i­est po­si­tions you can try, be­cause he can ac­tu­ally ob­serve his pe­nis en­ter you and then watch you move up and down at the same time,” says Jamye Wax­man, co-au­thor of Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight.

Want him in-charge? Have him take you from be­hind, then put your head down to­wards the bed—it an­gles your body in a way that al­lows him to look down eas­ily and see him­self thrust­ing. “The beauty is, th­ese po­si­tions work both ways,” says Wax­man. “They give him that show he de­sires and pro­vide you plea­sure.” And why not take a peek at the ac­tion for your­self when the po­si­tion al­lows? Who knows, it might give you just as much of an erotic rush as it gives your guy.

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