Be­hold, all the lat­est sexy, fas­ci­nat­ing, and use­ful info you’ve ever wanted to know...and a few WTF sur­prises.

Cosmopolitan (India) - - LOVE & LUST - By Mina Azodi

1 Your breasts can swell upto 25 per­cent when you’re aroused, mak­ing them su­per sen­si­tive.

2 It’s pos­si­ble for a guy to or­gasm and not ejac­u­late. So if you don’t see the, uh, ev­i­dence, it doesn’t mean he’s fak­ing it. 3 The av­er­age speed of a guy’s ejac­u­la­tion is 45.06 km/h. Um, wow. 4 The nerve end­ings of the cli­toris ex­tend into the mons pu­bis (where your pu­bic hair grows), which is why grind­ing against your guy feels so good.

5 Not only is it amaz­ing for ob­vi­ous rea­sons, but your or­gasm also has

other things go­ing for it. It re­leases en­dor­phins, which are a nat­u­ral painkiller, and oxy­tocin, which makes you feel more con­nected to your man.

6 The largest pe­nis in the world cur­rently mea­sures 9 inches flac­cid and 13.5 inches erect. The guy, a New Yorker, claims he was stopped by air­port se­cu­rity in July be­cause they were sus­pi­cious of his bulge.

7 Nip­ple stim­u­la­tion ac­ti­vates the same part of the brain as cli­toral, vag­i­nal, and cer­vi­cal stim­u­la­tion, so en­gag­ing all of them at the same time makes for a whole lot of fun.

8 Ac­cord­ing to a re­cent poll, swimmers and football play­ers are the ath­letes most likely to get women all hot and both­ered. (Michael Phelps or David Beck­ham, any­one?)

9 Amp up his plea­sure dur­ing oral by stroking his in­ner thighs. Be­cause the area is next to his gen­i­tals, the ex­tra blood flow to the re­gion height­ens sen­sa­tions.

10 Turn the charm on the night be­fore that big brain­storm­ing ses­sion at the of­fice. Ac­cord­ing to an­thro­pol­o­gist He­len Fisher, Ph.D., sex trig­gers brain chem­i­cals that can im­prove your cre­ativ­ity at work.

11 Thrust­ing isn’t just about get­ting it in. It also flexes your pelvic-floor mus­cles, which trig­gers those or­gas­mic spasms. 12 The cli­toris has about 8,000 nerve end­ings… 13 …and it doesn’t stop grow­ing. By the time you’re 32, your cli­toris is four times larger than it was at pu­berty.

14 Sin­gle guys, lis­ten up. Re­search shows that men who have sex within a com­mit­ted re­la­tion­ship re­port greater arousal and plea­sure than guys who have no-strings-at­tached sex.

15 Nerds make the best lovers, with 82 per­cent of IT geeks claim­ing they put their part­ner’s plea­sure above their own.

16 The typ­i­cal fe­male or­gasm lasts 25 sec­onds.

17 Hav­ing sex three to five times a week can help pre­vent erec­tile dys­func­tion later on down the line, since reg­u­lar ac­tion works mus­cles that keep his pack­age in shape.

18 The Na­tional Bureau of Eco­nomic Re­search in the US found that hav­ing fre­quent sex can make you feel as happy as earn­ing an ex­tra 15 lakhs a year.

19 If you ap­ply a minty lip balm be­fore kiss­ing, the men­thol will ac­ti­vate his body’s cold re­cep­tors, send­ing a tingly sen­sa­tion straight to his pack­age.

20 Women can have wet dreams too. It usu­ally hap­pens dur­ing the REM cy­cle, when your blood flow to the vagina in­creases.

21 An­other rea­son to sur­prise him in thigh-highs: you’re more likely to or­gasm if your feet are warm.

22 A quick way to get in the mood: hug your guy for 30-sec­onds. It boosts your oxy­tocin lev­els (aka the bond­ing hor­mone) and your li­bido.

23 A man’s re­la­tion­ship hap­pi­ness is re­lated to how of­ten he’s touched by his girl. So grab away.

24 A col­lege stu­dent study says, guys mas­tur­bated an av­er­age of 12 times per month, and women five times per month. Um, right. 25 Good news: a woman’s odds of cli­max­ing in­crease as she ages.

26 14 per­cent of women have ex­pe­ri­enced a so-called zone or­gasm, which hap­pens when a part of the body other than the boobs, cli­toris, or vagina is stim­u­lated.

27 You may not want to get too close to his friends. A re­cent study found that a guy whose girl­friend hangs out with his friends more than he spends time with them is 92 per­cent more likely to have trou­ble get­ting it up be­cause he feels emas­cu­lated. These Foods Are Be­yond Or­gas­mic The top three eats women say they’d choose over sex (what?!)

28. Choco­late

29. Meat

30. Sushi

31 If you’re with your man while you’re eat­ing cel­ery, you may want to jump him. When you chew on the veg, it re­leases tiny odour mol­e­cules that make you horny.

32 Sci­en­tists have dis­cov­ered that fruit flies de­prived of sex drink more booze than those al­lowed to mate (who re­searches this stuff?)

33 If he’s this close to cli­max­ing, buy time by gen­tly) squeez­ing the head of his pe­nis for a few sec­onds.

34 Pe­riod sex can ease men­strual cramps. Way bet­ter than meds and hot wa­ter bot­tles.

35 Touch­ing the sides of his torso trig­gers a nerve that con­tracts his pelvic mus­cles, mak­ing his erec­tion harder. Win-win.

36 Stud­ies show that sex can boost your im­mune sys­tem.

37 Se­men can keep your smile look­ing gor­geous. It con­tains a cock­tail of min­er­als like zinc and cal­cium that fight tooth de­cay.

38 Sprin­kling a few grains of salt on your tongue be­fore giv­ing him oral may re­duce your gag re­flex.

39 Most 20-some­things have sex 112 times a year, ac­cord­ing to a study.

40 Want your guy to tell you how amaz­ing you are more of­ten? Re­lay this mes­sage to him: com­pli­ments make you horny and more likely to O.

41 When you kiss some­one, you ex­change a tonne of hor­monal and health info. It’s na­ture’s way of al­low­ing you to as­sess sub­con­sciously whether or not you click sex­u­ally with a dude. 42 Mak­ing out burns about five calo­ries a minute. 43 More women than men say bad sex is a re­la­tion­ship deal breaker—50 per­cent of ladies agree, while only 44 per­cent of guys do.

54 The core­gasm does ex­ist. In a re­cent In­di­ana Univer­sity study, 51 per­cent of women re­ported hav­ing an O dur­ing an ab­dom­i­nal ex­er­cise...

55 ... and it’s not just crunches. Nearly 30 per­cent of women said they ex­pe­ri­enced an or­gasm while weight lift­ing, and 20 per­cent did while prac­tic­ing yoga.

56 Women with a more prom­i­nent up­per-lip tu­ber­cle (the puffy spot at the cen­tre of your up­per lip) have greater odds of hav­ing an or­gasm.

57 When a guy touches you, your body temp rises three times more 58 than Your when tem­per­a­ture a woman does. is high­est chest or 59 hands). or face when (as he op­posed touches to you your on arms your Truth: mul­ti­ple men or­gasms can have too. Up plea­sure his goods his odds af­ter by he’s con­tin­u­ing cli­maxed to (just down be there). gen­tle—he’ll be ex­tra sen­si­tive

60 Sex can ac­tu­ally blow your phe­nom­e­non mind: called a su­per-rare tran­sient am­ne­sia (a com­pletely tem­po­rary un­der­stood mem­ory loss yet) that can isn’t be brought on by vig­or­ous sex.

61 Men think about sex about 19 times a day.

62 Women? 10 times, say stud­ies. 63 Re­search shows that his fan­tasies are more likely to fo­cus on your plea­sure than your fan­tasies are to fo­cus on his.

64 Fore­play stim­u­lates an area of the brain called the hip­pocam­pus, which is also re­spon­si­ble for mem­ory.

65 The more mas­cu­line-look­ing a guy is, the more times you’ll likely or­gasm.

66 The most or­gas­mic sex for women: solo. Sec­ond place: oral. Third: P-in-V.

67 As your arousal builds, it’s nat­u­ral to hold your breath. But you must breathe—it’ll make your cli­max even stronger, since the more oxy­gen that goes to your gen­i­tals, the more aroused you’ll be.

The more you know, the more you O

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