What Your Guy Friends are Dy­ing to Tell You

Some­times, no mat­ter how hard we try, men know more about their own kind. So we hosted a lit­tle lunch, and tor­tured five guys un­til they re­vealed all (kid­ding)!

Cosmopolitan (India) - - LOVE & LUST - By Priyam Chaturvedi

At the Cosmo HQ, we were di­vided on whether our guy friends are more hon­est with us than our girl gang (or even our own boyfriends). So we in­vited a bunch of boys over for lunch, and asked them to re­veal all that goes on in their heads, when it comes to pla­tonic friend­ships. Like, would they tell us if we were dressed badly? Can we trust them to warn us if our man was act­ing shady? And, most im­por­tantly, do all guys se­cretly fan­ta­sise about their girl bud­dies a lit­tle? What fol­lowed were some bru­tally hon­est an­swers and some se­ri­ous break­ing of the ‘bro code’.

1 Can you tell when a woman is be­ing clingy in her re­la­tion­ship? Pranav: “Yes! The signs are pretty



ob­vi­ous—she’ll stick to the guy like glue, and gig­gle at ev­ery lit­tle thing. In which case, I’d tell her to go easy on him and ex­plain that he’s not a non­re­new­able re­source on sale.”

Varun: “All the time. When a girl starts ob­sess­ing about a guy and starts plan­ning things to do with him three months in ad­vance, it’s a def­i­nite dan­ger sign.”

Dilip: “Ab­so­lutely. If a girl can­not have a sin­gle con­ver­sa­tion with­out men­tion­ing her boyfriend in it, it’s a sure-shot sig­nal.”

2 Can you gauge your friend’s boyfriend’s com­mit­ment lev­els? Like, if he’s in love with her, likes her, or just wants to sleep with her? Pryaag:

“Signs are sub­jec­tive—if I see him want­ing to get into her pants, and she sees him be­ing the knight in shin­ing ar­mour, I will lose that ar­gu­ment.”

Mo­hit: “The best way to judge it is through his avail­abil­ity for her. If the guy only has time to meet a girl when her par­ents aren’t home or when he has the keys to his friends’ apart­ment—Bingo! It can’t get more ev­i­dent than this.”

Pranav: “Com­pletely agree! More of­ten than not, one can tell by their eyes. The quick­est test to check this is to say no to him when he calls you over (when no one is at his place). If he gets an­gry, you know what he wanted.”

3 When a guy doesn’t call a girl back af­ter a date, is it a sign that it’s time to move on? Pranav:

“Yes and No. If he calls, but only for a bit, there’s no need to worry. If he doesn’t call till the day af­ter, ex­pect a be­liev­able ex­cuse from him. If he doesn’t call for a few days, record abuses, wait for his call and play them as soon as he says hello.”

Varun: “Of course not, the ideal time to move on can­not be de­ter­mined by a call or text. Hav­ing ex­pec­ta­tions from the guy is one thing, but be­ing judge­men­tal with­out know­ing the facts is a lit­tle naive. If you’re so in­ter­ested in know­ing how the date went ac­cord­ing to the guy, just call him up your­self. It’s not al­ways the guys’ duty to call the girl, you know.”

Dilip: “Not re­ally! Maybe he’s play­ing a lit­tle too hard to get.”

4 Are guy friends more hon­est with a girl than her boyfriend? Pryaag:

“Yes. Be­cause a guy friend wouldn’t have an ul­te­rior mo­tive and there­fore have noth­ing to hide, as com­pared to her boyfriend.”

Dilip: “Of course! There’d be a lot of ex­pec­ta­tions and dis­ap­point ments in­volved with a boyfriend. But ’cause I’m her friend, it’d be easy for me to tell her where she’s go­ing wrong, with­out mak­ing her feel bad.”

Pranav: “Yes! Her boyfriend might some­times not tell her the whole truth, ’cause he’d want to see her happy. But be­ing her friend, I’d look at what’s bet­ter for her, and be hon­est. She might get an­gry for a while, but then she’d re­alise that it was for her own good.”

5 Have you ever fan­ta­sised about a girl you’re only good friends with?

Pryaag: “Yes. All my girl friends are great, and I would be lucky to have them as my girl­friends.”

Varun: “All guys fan­ta­sise about their girl friends. Even if a guy says ‘No! I don’t!’, he’s ly­ing.”

Mo­hit: “When­ever you have a close

girl friend, there al­ways comes a time when the thought crosses your mind. But it’s bet­ter to not give in to that temp­ta­tion.”

Pranav: “Yes. That’s what straight guys do.”

6 If you see your friend’s boyfriend at a party with an­other woman, would you tell her?

Pranav: “Def­i­nitely! I’d be a snitch and go and tell her ev­ery­thing. I’ll even go to the ex­tent of ig­nor­ing the per­son I’m with, and act like a spy. If I’m close to my friend, I’d tell her ev­ery­thing like a re­porter.”

Pryaag: “That would de­pend on what they’re do­ing and how much time they’re spend­ing.”

Mo­hit: “I’ll first see what the two of them are upto, and only if I think some­thing’s in­ap­pro­pri­ate will I go ahead and tell her. I wouldn’t make her worry with­out real rea­son.”

7 Do guys dis­cuss their sex life with other guys? Do you share de­tails and talk about how good or bad it was? Pranav:

“Yes we do! We don’t dis­cuss it to the last de­tail, as you don’t want your part­ner to be dis­cussed openly, but we have a quick small chat about whether or not we scored.”

Varun: “Yes and No. If it was some­thing ca­sual and there were no feel­ings at­tached, then yes, but if we love that girl, then no.”

8 Is it hot when a girl acts like one of the boys? Pranav:

“I don’t find it hot. I like it when girls are girly. There is a rea­son why she’s a girl, and it’s nice when she acts like one.”

Pryaag: “Some­times, it’s fun when a girl takes part in an ac­tiv­ity that only guys do. But it de­pends on the

ac­tiv­ity. It’s okay to have a few ex­tra drinks, but if she starts swear­ing—not cool.”

Dilip: “At times, yes! It’s fun be­ing with a girl who can act like us.”

9 Have you ever kept a girl pal as a back- up for the fu­ture? ( as a would- be girl­friend or wife)? Pranav:

“No, it isn’t fair on the girl to keep her as an op­tion. Your pri­or­i­ties should be clear. She’s not an in­verter that I’d keep as a back-up.”

Pryaag: “No, not re­ally. If I have feel­ings for her, I’d make the move right now, rather than wait for the fu­ture.”

Mo­hit: “No, a friend can never be a back-up for the fu­ture. You need to be clear about your re­la­tion­ship with her, or it could get re­ally messy in the fu­ture.”

10 What would you tell your friend if she’s dressed ter­ri­bly for a party?

Pryaag: “‘If you are wear­ing that, I’ll wear my shorts and chap­pals’, would be my an­swer. If I’m go­ing to get em­bar­rassed, I might as well get em­bar­rassed com­fort­ably.”

Pranav: “I’d give her the ‘What is that?’ look. If she doesn’t get it, I’d wait for her to ask me how she looks and re­ply with the word ‘In­ter­est­ing’, and a mean­ing­ful smirk.”

Mo­hit: “I’d sim­ply ask her to change, please!”

The Guy Panel (clock­wise from ex­treme left): Pranav Sapra,

Dilip Thakur, Mo­hit Mathur, Pryaag Raj and

Varun Arora

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