The Cosmo Quiz

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1. My favourite mid­night snack is... ______ Aalu 2. One thing I don’t have but wish I did was… ________ Height. 3. I feel sex­i­est: a. With red lips b. In a ban­dage dress c.Wear­ing su­per high heels

4. I’m se­cretly afraid of…

________ Fly­ing. 5. My friends make fun of me for: ______________ Talk­ing too fast. 6. The celebrity I’d most like to be friends with is: a. Ka­reena Kapoor b. Lady Gaga c. Ri­hanna d. Shahrukh Khan 7. I’m to­tally ad­dicted to…

______________ F.R.I.E.N.D.S 8. You’d be sur­prised to learn that I’ve never: Been ______________ to New York 9. The quick­est way to an­noy me is… _______________ throw too much

________ at­ti­tude 10. I think____________ re­la­tion­ships are to­tally over­rated 11. I don’t think there is any such thing as too much: a. Lip­stick b. Blush c. Mas­cara d. Eye­shadow 12. It’s 3 am and I’m not sleep­ing. The thing I’m most likely to be do­ing is…_______________ watch­ing TV

___________ and eat­ing. 13. I find it re­ally hot when a guy: a. Makes me Laugh b. Has killers abs c. Opens the door for me d. Is a bit of a geek e. Loves his mom 14. The gut­si­est thing I’ve ever done is: I ____________________ slapped a boy when ________ I was 12. 15. If I could pick a magic power, I’d want: __________________ to eat and never put __________ on weight. 16. My big­gest pet peeve is…

bad _________ odour. 17. I fel sex­i­est... wear­ing ____________________ su­per high heels

Alia feels sex­i­est in sky high


Alia’s can’t get enough of her favourite TV show, and is a self-con­fessed ad­dict!

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