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If you’ve got to this page af­ter read­ing our monthly Mast­head team ques­tion (page 38), you’ll know that the Cosmo team hasn’t been par­tic­u­larly victorious with its past New Year res­o­lu­tions. And we’re not alone. Ac­cord­ing to re­search, a whop­ping 78% of all res­o­lu­tion-mak­ers fail to meet their goals, and 25% give up in the first week it­self! De­press­ing num­bers, I know, but they led me to won­der what the suc­cess­ful 22% did dif­fer­ently. A lot, I learned, and con­trary to what you might ex­pect, it’s got lit­tle to do with smarts or will power. Sooo... to pre­vent the tragic demise of yet an­other set of NY res­o­lu­tions, I’d like to re­veal se­crets that will fi­nally help us lose weight/quit smok­ing/ fin­ish that book/what­ever...

1. It’s All In the Res­o­lu­tion!

If your list of goals in­cludes trav­el­ling of­ten, sav­ing money, and spend­ing more time with loved ones, you’ve al­ready set your­self up for fail­ure. When you aim to do too much, you scat­ter your en­ergy and re­duce chances of success. In­stead, con­cen­trate your will on just one con­crete goal, and be spe­cific about it. So, for in­stance, in­stead of say­ing ‘I will travel more’, re­solve to ‘travel in April, Au­gust, and De­cem­ber’.

2. Don’t Rush Into It

If you plan to make or break a habit start­ing first thing to­mor­row, I have some bad news for you—it won’t work. When you rush into a last-minute prom­ise, with­out prep­ping for it, you’re less likely to see it through. In­stead, set goals for two-three months later, and plan how you will meet them when the dead­line comes a rollin’. It also helps to imag­ine ob­sta­cles you may en­counter so you can pre­pare so­lu­tions.

3. Turn To Page 116

Our cover story— New Year, New Rules, New You— ac­tu­ally teaches you how to train your brain to achieve goals! Be­fore work­ing on any res­o­lu­tion, you need to read this three-step

sci­en­tific sys­tem that’s cre­ated to en­sure re­sults.

4. Delete Some­thing Else

Most of us are al­ready strug­gling with a packed sched­ule. So if your res­o­lu­tion needs time—like hit­ting the gym ev­ery day or start­ing a blog—you have to let go of some­thing else, like that ex­tra hour laz­ing around in bed, or the af­ter-work gossip chat with your col­leagues.

Let me know how it went,



Nan­dini Bhalla, Ed­i­tor nan­dini.bhalla@in­to­day.com

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