Break­ing Bad, Mak­ing Good

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In his book, The Power Of Habit, Charles Duhigg de­con­structs the sci­ence be­hind our be­hav­iour and ex­plains how you can out­smart it to meet any goal.

Got a res­o­lu­tion? It’s one thing to say you’re go­ing to work out/write that novel... but ac­tu­ally do­ing it? Tough! But if you un­der­stand the habit loop, you can suc­ceed. It starts with a cue (like a place or ac­tiv­ity) that trig­gers your brain to crave a rou­tine (of­ten a neg­a­tive one, such as snack­ing or FB stalk­ing) that gives you a re­ward (such as re­lax­ation or joy). The lat­ter trains your brain to as­so­ciate what­ever it is you’re do­ing with a plea­sur­able pay­off, which makes you keep do­ing it. But you can use the habit loop to form good habits, too—so let’s take the goal of writ­ing a novel or blog and cre­ate a habit that’ll get you mov­ing...

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