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Best-sell­ing au­thor Gary Taubes breaks down four ba­sic rules that will fi­nally let you drop those ex­tra ki­los this year.

You’ve prob­a­bly got tonnes of ad­vice, tips, and Tweets, all of­fer­ing up some magic for­mula to lose weight. But none seem to work. So throw that con­ven­tional wis­dom you’ve al­ways be­lieved out the win­dow, and in­stead, fol­low th­ese sim­ple rules.



You’ve heard that if you bal­ance the calo­ries you con­sume with the calo­ries you ex­pend, you won’t gain weight. Even bet­ter, if you con­sume fewer calo­ries than you ex­pend, you can lose weight. The prob­lem with this? There’s no way to be ac­cu­rate with this for­mula. If the chef at the restau­rant throws some ex­tra chicken onto your salad at lunch ev­ery day, that can add up to 20 calo­ries more per day that you don’t even re­alise you’re eat­ing. Over the course of a year, that one ex­tra bite a day can add up to four ex­tra ki­los of weight. And if you’re think­ing, I can just eat a lit­tle less salad or ex­er­cise a lit­tle more, you still won’t know whether your body is stor­ing that bite’s worth of calo­ries ev­ery day. Your body is mak­ing the de­ci­sion to store the calo­ries or burn them, re­gard­less of whether you con­sciously de­cide to eat less or ex­er­cise more.



The foods you eat have vastly dif­fer­ent ef­fects on how much in­sulin is in your sys­tem. In­sulin is a hor­mone in our bod­ies, not only to reg­u­late our blood-sugar lev­els but to reg­u­late the ab­sorp­tion rate of var­i­ous nu­tri­ents through­out our sys­tem. When in­sulin lev­els in your blood are el­e­vated, you store calo­ries as fat and burn car­bo­hy­drates for

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