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Q. On a first date, I’ll al­ways do the wal­let grab, even though I’d be turned off if he wanted me to pay. Do guys know it’s an act?

A. Yes...but that doesn’t mean you should stop do­ing it. Why? Be­cause it shows that you’re not a princess who needs ev­ery­thing done for her and that you un­der­stand the value of money. But don’t say some­thing like “I’d really pre­fer if we split this”. If you do that, a guy who had ev­ery in­ten­tion of paying may panic and fear that you’ll be an­noyed if he doesn’t let you pay for half. In­stead, let him make the first move for his wal­let. When he does, reach for yours, and silently con­tinue go­ing through the mo­tions of paying un­til he stops you. Most guys will.

Q. I’ve heard about the ‘no-part’ hair part. How do I work it?

A. This sexy look is so sim­ple to achieve. While your hair is still damp, work a vo­lu­mis­ing mousse through it, fo­cus­ing on the roots. Next, use a widetooth comb to re­move any signs of your nat­u­ral or nor­mal part. Blow-dry your hair up­side down, fo­cus­ing on the roots while you comb, as vol­ume is the key to per­fect­ing this look. While your hair is still warm, place flat sec­tion­ing clips across your head (along your hair­line) a few cen­time­tres away from each other. Leave th­ese in for 10 min­utes, while your hair cools to lock in your new look. Tie into a pony­tail or bun, or just leave it loose— your ‘no part’ part is red car­pet ready!

Q. My boyfriend knows I’ve cheated in past re­la­tion­ships. Now when­ever we fight, he brings it up as proof that I’m not trust­wor­thy. How do I get him to stop?

A. It may seem like he’s bring­ing it up to gain an up­per hand, but he’s also re­veal­ing trust is­sues—which won’t go away when the fight is re­solved. You need to talk about those is­sues, but not when you’re both al­ready up­set. Ex­plain why it won’t hap­pen again. It may be be­cause you’ve grown up or be­cause you’ve ex­pe­ri­enced how de­struc­tive cheat­ing can be. Then tell him that you know trust­ing some­one who has lied in the past is hard and that you’re will­ing to wait. But you’re not will­ing to con­stantly de­fend a mis­take that you have no in­ten­tion of re­peat­ing.

Q. Ev­ery­one’s talk­ing about printed pants and I’ve seen some hot ones in Cosmo. But I’m wor­ried about wear­ing them as I’m a bit bot­tom-heavy...

A. Since you have a pear-shaped fig­ure, it’s im­por­tant to keep all the el­e­ments of your out­fit as light and clean as pos­si­ble. Bal­ance is key, so when wear­ing harem pants or slouchy bot­toms try stick­ing with fit­ted tops. For tight skin­nies or leg­gings, opt for over­sized tops or even a pe­plum top. Don’t for­get to top off your look with a killer pair of heels—they’ll add height and make you look slim­mer!

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