Want to know what you’re really like in the bed­room? The truth might sur­prise you. By An­nie Daly


1 What’s Your Sex Per­son­al­ity?

Your favourite po­si­tion is:

a. The sen­sual spoon, so we can hold each other close. b. Cow­girl, baby! I like to be in con­trol. c. Mis­sion­ary works for me. d. Dog­gie-style—it’s fun and a lit­tle wild. You get most turned on when a guy: a. Gives me a mas­sage. b. Lies back and lets me have my way. c. Kisses me softly. d. Jumps in on my morn­ing shower.

Your favourite ac­ces­sory? a. Mas­sage oil and lube. b. Hand­cuffs. c. My man’s hands are enough for me, thank you. d. My toys. Hottest place to get down, aside from the bed­room? a. Out­side, un­der the stars. b. The store room at a packed party. c. The couch. d. The back­seat of his car. How did your last sex ses­sion start? a. I was play­ing with his hair while watch­ing TV, and we started

mak­ing out.

b. I jumped him when I walked in the door af­ter a long day.

c. We got in bed for the night, and he ini­ti­ated. How else?

d. We were goof­ing around while mak­ing din­ner and ended up naked on the kitchen floor. The sheets on your bed are… a. Soft and silky. b. Dark and high-thread-count. c. Crisp, white cot­ton. d. Bright and comfy. How does your ideal first date end? a. With a big hug and a kiss. b. Over break­fast.

c. With a coy, flirty stare be­fore I get into my car.

d. Who knows?

MOSTLY A’S Sen­sual Se­duc­tress

You’re all about the touchy-feely stuff. Soft ca­resses, passionate kisses, and long mas­sages get you go­ing. Wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am kind of sex isn’t your thing. For you, it’s about ex­tended fore­play and slow, ten­der love­mak­ing. That’s fine—but don’t un­der­es­ti­mate the power of a quickie. Give it a shot ev­ery now and then.

MOSTLY B’S Dom­i­nat­ing Diva

It’s your world, and men are lucky to play a sup­port­ing role in it. You like to be in charge in the bed­room, and you’re no stranger to toys. But try to let him take the reigns some­times too—you might be sur­prised (and turned on) by the Chris­tian Grey who may be lurk­ing in­side.

MOSTLY C’S Safe Snore

Maybe you’re shy, or maybe you just haven’t ex­plored what turns you on yet. Sex is meant to be fun! So take a few risks and try new things—ex­per­i­ment with a vi­bra­tor, try new po­si­tions, or even just se­duce him on the fly in­stead of wait­ing to go to bed. Baby steps.

MOSTLY D’S Play­ful Kit­ten

You’re like su­per­model Kate Up­ton: ev­ery guy’s dream. You’re pretty much up for any­thing, but not so over-the-top that it’s like he’s sleep­ing with a porn star. Sweet and sexy is your thing, and you have the combo down. Just be care­ful you aren’t too blasé about sex—al­low­ing your­self to have a deeper con­nec­tion can make it even bet­ter.

Ev­ery­one knew they were ‘at­tached at the cheek’

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