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It’s all about her—the money, the time, the house, the travel—and she takes pride in the fact that if she isn’t happy, no-one else can be. Her needs and wants al­ways come first, be­cause the Me-First be­lieves her hus­band is ex­tremely lucky to have her. Ergo, the hus­band needs to do ev­ery­thing in his power to keep her happy. How does this work? Me-Firsts are very se­lec­tive about the men they pick, and work ex­tra hard to main­tain the ‘I’m to­tally worth it’ sen­si­bil­ity. Take a look at French pres­i­dent Ni­co­las Sarkozy’s for­mer su­per­model wife, Carla Bruni, and you’ll re­alise he’s go­ing through all kinds of hell to keep up with her, in­clud­ing the ex­er­cise rou­tine, diet plan and cul­tural im­prove­ment pro­gramme, hence keep­ing him too busy to stray. And here’s the clincher: he’s con­vinced all the ef­fort he’s mak­ing is sim­ply a trade­off for be­ing mar­ried to some­one like her.

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