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She’s not a com­plete ‘yes woman’, but a variation of the ‘sur­ren­dered wife’ phi­los­o­phy. While the for­mer will give up all con­trol to her part­ner, the MFW plays it smart by giv­ing up only a small por­tion so she can main­tain a stronger grip on the re­la­tion­ship. The best part? The man will never re­ally know it, or even guess what she’s try­ing to do. As most of us know, men don’t like be­ing ma­nip­u­lated this way so it makes sense for an MFW to never let her strat­egy known to her hus­band...she’s as sub­tle as it gets. If you’re look­ing to fol­low in the foot­steps of Cather­ine, Duchess of Cam­bridge (the ul­ti­mate MWF), take a leaf out of her book and do the fol­low­ing: find out what his favourite sport is, learn to cook his guilty plea­sure meal, and at­tend game night at the lo­cal bar.

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