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If you were to ask men to de­scribe the ideal mate, chances are they’d de­scribe some­one wor­thy of best dude friend sta­tus, but with lady parts. That’s the win­ning com­bi­na­tion—the BMW— be­cause she ac­tu­ally thinks like a man and plays like a man, and in the re­la­tion­ship, nei­ther part­ner thinks of the other as a species from a dif­fer­ent planet. The BMW and the All-In Wife are com­plete op­po­sites of each other. She’s about as do­mes­ti­cated as her hubby; just as am­bi­tious; and def­i­nitely as much of a party an­i­mal (cue Kate Moss). Best-Mate cou­ples gen­er­ally do not an­a­lyse and crit­i­cise each other—they like to live one day at a time, never both­er­ing too much about the fu­ture. If she takes the same amount of time to get dressed as her hus­band, and can drink the same amount, she’s a BM wife.

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