The Cosmo Quiz

Cosmopolitan (India) - - COSMO INTERVIEW -

1. The best way to im­press Shrad­dha Kapoor is... _____________ by be­ing your­self.

2. I am to­tally ad­dicted to..._____ food.

3. I feel sex­i­est in... a. An evening gown b. An LBD c. Jeans and T-shirt d. Shorts e. All of the above

4. If I were a boy for a day, the first thing I’d do is...

play football..

_______________ 5. Three words to de­scribe my style are... _____________________ com­fort­able, colour­ful ____________ and orig­i­nal.

6. I tried and tried and tried, but the one thing I’ll never un­der­stand about men is... why they shave their chest hair!

_______________________ _________________ 7. My date night fra­grance is... Chanel __________________ Chance Fresh.

8. When no one is around, I tend to... ________________ be in my own world.

9. My se­cret to look­ing good is: a. Al­ways eat­ing healthy b. Go­ing to the gym reg­u­larly c. Wash­ing my face at night d. Other__________ feel­ing good.

10. If my house were on fire, and I could save only one thing, it would be...

my ________ diary. 11. I feel most pow­er­ful when... I ________________ lis­ten to my

______ heart. 12. It’s 3am and you aren’t asleep. What are you most likely to be do­ing? Surf­ing the In­ter­net on my iPad or watch­ing a movie.


_____________________ _________

14. The beauty prod­uct I swear by is: a. Mas­cara b. Red lip­stick c. Con­cealer d. Black eye­liner e. Other

15. The song that sums up my mood right now is…_________________ Un­writ­ten by

____________________ Natasha Bed­ing­field

16. I’m se­ceretly afraid of...___________ light­en­ing.

Shrad­dha swears by her black eye­liner

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