#Cos­moChats with Namita Jain

The celebrity health guru talks about at- work ex­er­cises, the prob­lem with crash di­ets, and all- round body love in her new book, 9 To 5 Fit!

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Cosmo: What’s the best way to get some ex­er­cise in the of­fice?

Namita Jain: “Stretch your neck, arms and shoul­ders pe­ri­od­i­cally. Suck in your abs at all times—this will strengthen the mus­cles and main­tain bet­ter pos­ture. If you’re feel­ing stressed, take a few deep breaths five to seven times.”

C: What’s your take on fad di­ets? Do they work?

NJ: “Fad di­ets work on the con­cept of a quick fix. They don’t work in the long run. There’s a lot of yo-yoing of weight and lack of nu­tri­ents from es­sen­tial food groups. You need a bal­anced, long-term so­lu­tion for weight loss.”

C: How can one make healthier de­ci­sions while eat­ing out?

NJ: “Al­ways or­der light food. Ask for less oil, cream or but­ter or no cheese in your dish. Most restau­rants are happy to oblige. Be­ware of sauces and salad dress­ing served out­side; they may con­tain more than a hun­dred calo­ries. Also, you don’t have to eat ev­ery thing on your plate! If you’re feel­ing full, don’t stuff your­self.”

C: Once you’ve lost the ex­tra ki­los, how do you keep them off?

NJ: “You need to be con­sis­tent with your diet and ex­er­cise. Think of work­out ac­tiv­i­ties that you en­joy and look for­ward to, to en­sure you stick to your rou­tine.”

C: What do you hope to achieve with this book?

NJ: “I hope this book helps the of­fice-goer bounce back to not just a slim­mer, but a healthier self!”

9 To 5 Fit: A Work­ing Per­son’s Guide to Look­ing Great and Per­form­ing Bet­ter! by Namita Jain, ` 199

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