“What Not to Do On So­cial Me­dia” by Ab­hay Deol

The ac­tor dishes out ad­vice on new age in­ter­net post­ing rules! Re­mem­ber, #StayCoolOnSo­cialMe­dia

Cosmopolitan (India) - - CONTENTS - by Ab­hay Deol

“Don’t Tweet each bite

of food you have. It’s great that you’re en­joy­ing a great meal, but you needn’t show it off to the whole world. I’d say eat it, don’t Tweet it.” “Don’t overdo your selfie pose! It’s ok that you con­sider yourself pretty, but

hey, calm down!” “It’s ok to wish your favourite celeb a happy birth­day, as long as you’re not stalk­ing them! Fans are nice, so­cial me­dia stalk­ers... not so much!”

“It’s ok if you’re fit and healthy, but no one cares about how many calo­ries you burnt on

the tread­mill. This comes off as brag­ging and some­thing you shouldn’t in­dulge in. Good that you’re in shape and so con­scious about your body im­age, but it doesn’t re­ally mat­ter to the rest of mankind.” “No, people aren’t in­ter­ested in your Plants vs Zom­bies score or what level you’re at in Candy Crush. Please spare the de­tails!”

“Think at least thrice be­fore post­ing a cute up­date! And then think some more! State­ments like ‘ Aww, I love my BF!’, or ‘Thank you God for the bestest friends ever!’ are a com­plete no- no!”

“So­cial me­dia is NOT the place to vent your 68th fight with your boyfriend. Putting up mes­sages like ‘Don’t know why this hap­pens to me only!’, or ‘ Thanks for be­ing so in­sen­si­tive!’ won’t take you any­where— com­plain­ing won’t fix your prob­lem, and do­ing it on a pub­lic fo­rum only makes it more de­grad­ing!”

“Yes, we know celebri­ties post­ing pic­tures of them­selves with a glass of juice is cre­at­ing in­ter­net rage, but you try­ing to cop the trend won’t fetch you more likes!”

“You love your job... we get that! But here’s the thing—talk­ing about your pay raise, or the fab­u­lous pre­sen­ta­tion you made at work that made you the of­fice su­per­hero will al­ways come across as brag­ging, (no mat­ter how humbly you try to put it!), so steer clear of such rants!”

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