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From ran­dom lit­tle is­sues to ma­jor life dra­mas, we’ve got your back. This guy and I started talk­ing on FB. He has a GF but wanted to meet up. We ended up sleep­ing to­gether. It’s been go­ing on for a year. He keeps say­ing he’s go­ing to leave her and that I’

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Whether on­line flirt­ing qual­i­fies as be­ing un­faith­ful in a re­la­tion­ship is still an open ques­tion. But there’s no ques­tion his long-time girl­friend would be heart­bro­ken to dis­cover her man has been play­ing away from home in the flesh. That makes you his con­spir­a­tor in the crime of her pain. And be­cause you’re an hon­est per­son, you feel ag­o­nis­ing guilt. Back off. Shut him out of your life. Be sure the next guy smells sin­gle be­fore you let him near your bed.

Q: This year I’ve grown apart from my friend­ship group that dates back to school and col­lege. They’ve stopped invit­ing me out, yet they still hang as a group—it hurts when I see pic­tures of them to­gether on FB. I take ev­ery op­por­tu­nity to make friends on my new job, but feel ig­nored there too. It feels like no­body wants to know me. Why? A:

To grow up means to grow into some­thing new. The old gang still hang out to­gether be­cause they haven’t yet grown into some­thing new. As for the people at work, al­low plenty of time for them to see you are no threat to their es­tab­lished hi­er­ar­chy. Mean­while, be­friend yourself. In­vite yourself into new ac­tiv­i­ties of, say, sport, art, or char­ity. Do things that make you en­joy the com­pany of your grown-up self. You’ll meet other grown-ups who en­joy do­ing the same things and will en­joy your com­pany too.

Q: I’ve been in a two-year re­la­tion­ship with my car­ing boyfriend. My dad passed away five years ago and I live with my mum and her par­ents, who are all very con­trol­ling. My 25th birth­day is com­ing up and my fam­ily’s told me I’m not to see my boyfriend as I planned, but to stay with them on the day. I’m fed up. Help! A:

Any chance your boyfriend could join you and be in­cluded with your fam­ily on the day? Then they could see for them­selves how car­ing he is. But if that’s too stress­ful for you or for him, why not or­gan­ise a sep­a­rate birth­day to spend with him? It might be time for you to leave the nest. Look into shar­ing a flat with your friends (not with your boyfriend just yet). An­nounce your de­par­ture only af­ter ev­ery­thing is in place. Make the split as pain­less as pos­si­ble for the sake of your mother, who may her­self feel trapped with her par­ents af­ter be­ing wid­owed.

Q: I love the idea of denim for sum­mer—it’s a hot trend and it never re­ally fails. I’ve in­vested in a nice denim shirt but how do I make max­i­mum use of it? A:

Why not look to­wards Miranda Kerr for out­fit in­spi­ra­tion. She loves denim jack­ets and shirts and wears them so stylishly. Lay­er­ing with light fabrics like scarves, tank tops, and T-shirts is al­ways a good idea. Wear your shirt over a maxi, with a skater skirt, or with leather pants—there’s a lot you can do with this clas­sic. Ex­per­i­ment!

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