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Karan and Varun: So, what’s up? What’s hap­pen­ing these days? Humshakals 2, maybe?

Esha: “This shoot! And, well, we are plan­ning our next project for which pre-pro­duc­tion is go­ing to start in Au­gust! No, it isn’t Humshakals 2. I don’t think that’s hap­pen­ing, and if it is, I haven’t been ap­proached for it.”

Karan and Varun: Will you watch it if part 2 is made? Do you watch all movies?

Esha: “I just watch a lot of films! The other day, Jaani-Dush­man was on and I saw that.”

Karan and Varun: Bril­liant! High five for that be­cause that movie de­serves a lot more ac­claim that it’s get­ting. I mean, it’s one of the finest movies. So, what’s the one mantra that keeps you go­ing?

Esha: “Don’t kill peo­ple!”

K&V: Is it an­noy­ing when you’re the cen­tre of at­ten­tion and all eyes are on you? What stresses you out?

Esha: “Peo­ple in stress, stress me out. I am in Zen mode all the time. If things aren’t go­ing well and the en­er­gies don’t meet, I’m like, ‘Why are you tense? Re­lax’. Some­one wrote on Twit­ter to­day, ‘If peo­ple are suck­ing hap­pi­ness out of you, let them suck your fat as well!’ It’s my new mantra.”

K&V: Makes sense! You did a hor­ror movie called Raaz 3. What scares you?

Esha: “Noth­ing! While we were shoot­ing in Mau­ri­tius [for Humshakals], Ta­man­naah had a make-up artist called Tanya who used to tell ghost sto­ries. In fact, Sa­jid [Khan] used to get very scared. It never scared me though, I hap­pily go watch hor­ror movies. ”

K&V: Rapid fire ques­tion: are you see­ing some­one right now?

Esha: “Yeah! I’m see­ing you right now! (laughs) You mean am I dat­ing some­one? Maybe. It’s al­ways a maybe. You know I have be­come po­lit­i­cally cor­rect.”

K&V: So do you sit and rehearse your an­swers?

Esha: “Nooo! If I would have done that, I wouldn’t have ended up with my foot in my mouth so many times!”

K&V: And did you ever want to be any­thing other than an ac­tor?

Esha: “I wanted to be a chef! I al­ways wanted to open my own res­tau­rant. But then my dad al­ways made fun of me be­cause I’m a veg­e­tar­ian, and he didn’t think it would work. I tried cook­ing him some chicken once, and it didn’t turn out so well...”

K&V: Some chef you’ll be! We know you’ve been on a bunch of best-dressed lists—do you feel you must al­ways look good?

Esha: “You know, hon­estly, I just don’t like dress­ing up! Like, I will not wear heels just be­cause I am go­ing to Lokhand­wala mar­ket, or I won’t wear make-up to the gym! I mean, I’m work­ing out and do­ing car­dio and sweat­ing! I’m still a tomboy.”

K&V: So if you go to an event and there’s an ac­tress wear­ing the ex­act same dress as you...what would you do?

Esha: “I’ll to take a selfie with her!”

K&V: Cool! That’s pretty ballsy. And you know what’s go­ing to hap­pen the next day—you are do­ing to be on the front page of Mid Day!

Esha: “Yeah! I mean it will be so cool. We’ll get max­i­mum pub­lic­ity.”

K&V: If your wardrobe catches fire, what things will you run away with? Even though you don’t like dress­ing up.

Esha: “All my shoes and bags! That’s all I’m in­ter­ested in. They’re the most ex­pen­sive, while my clothes are cheap.”

K&V: It’s good to know your shoes are more pre­cious than life! What are your favourite books, movies and TV shows

right now?

Esha: “I’m ad­dicted to Game­OfThrones.”

K&V: So would you do an In­dian adap­ta­tion of GoT?

Esha: “Oh my God! You know they ac­tu­ally copied us, right? I re­ally think they copied Ma­hab­harata. If you see it, it has the best screen­play till date...” K&V: Now we have to ask you a very im­por­tant ques­’s Brad?

Esha: “So sexy! I was go­ing to say some­thing very cheap but I won’t.” K&V: Peo­ple say you look like An­gelina Jolie. Has any­one told you that?

Esha: “That she looks like me? Yeah!”

K&V: Are you a funny person?

Esha: “Nooo!” K&V: But you laugh so much; we’re sure you are!

Esha: “I just ba­si­cally laugh at ev­ery­thing! You’ll scold me and I’ll start laugh­ing.” K&V: Bril­liant! Please come for all our com­edy shows. We could re­ally use you!

Fluted hem dress, Nam­rata

Jo­shipura; ear­rings, Blur De­signs at Twist; colour-block pumps, Dune

Dig­i­tal print top (worn in­side), Ted Baker at The Col­lec­tive; sheer

blazer and metal­lic belt, both Frou Frou by Ar­chana Rao; A-line skirt, Ware­house at; neck­lace,

Out­house; sling bag, TOD’s; pumps, Chris­tian Louboutin; sun­glasses,

Blur De­signs at Twist

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