We are con­tin­u­ously grow­ing in terms of rev­enue and also ac­quir­ing more cus­tomers

Vivek Mal­ho­tra, Vice Pres­i­dent—Gen­eral Busi­ness & Global Chan­nel, SAP high­lights the fo­cus ar­eas and dis­cusses about part­ner pack­ag­ing fac­tory, which en­ables part­ners to grow with SAP. Ex­cerpts:

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—VIVEK MAL­HO­TRA Vice Pres­i­dent—Gen­eral Busi­ness & Global Chan­nel, SAP

How would you char­ac­ter­ize the year went by for SAP? From my busi­ness per­spec­tive, SAP has done very well in 2017. Global Chan­nels & Gen­eral Busi­ness con­tin­ues to be a growth en­gine for us in the coun­try. We are con­tin­u­ously grow­ing in terms of rev­enue and also ac­quir­ing more cus­tomers. Mid-mar­ket cus­tomers play a role in our growth story and for in­stance, out of our 9000+ cus­tomers, a sig­nif­i­cant 80% them be­longs to SME seg­ment, which we cat­e­go­rize as Gen­eral Busi­ness (GB) ver­ti­cal. In 2017, we’ve ac­quired the largest ever num­ber of net new cus­tomers that we ever did for the GB line of busi­ness. And we will con­tinue to ac­quire many net new cus­tomers ev­ery year. What we in­tend to do is go­ing be­yond metro cities. SAP will con­tinue the ac­tiv­i­ties to ac­quire new cus­tomers across in­dus­tries and across ge­ogra­phies.

In the non-metro space, we have iden­ti­fied around 20 odd high fo­cus clus­ters; which are a mix of dif­fer­ent in­dus­tries. We are col­lab­o­rat­ing closely with a lot of in­dus­try as­so­ci­a­tions and com­mu­ni­ties and thus grad­u­ally in­creas­ing pen­e­tra­tion into that mar­ket. And it’s not only about us in­creas­ing our busi­ness, but we are also pro­vid­ing our cus­tomers a struc­tured way of work­ing. It takes a good amount of train­ing and our GTM pri­mar­ily in the GB space is based on chan­nels ecosys­tem, which is well equipped and trained.

Will there be any change in the GTM strat­egy in the on­go­ing year year?

Our plan pri­mar­ily is to be 100% chan­nel-led for our GB busi­ness ver­ti­cal. We cur­rently op­er­ate com­pletely through chan­nels in the en­tire non-metro space and it also in­cludes some of the good chunks of metro space. We have con­sid­er­ably strength­ened our part­ner ecosys­tem. We are plan­ning to con­tinue this mo­men­tum and from the 100 plus per­form­ing part­ners cur­rently, we look for­ward to dou­bling it by the end of 2018.

In ad­di­tion to this, we have part­ner en­abling pro­grams, such as the SAP Part­nerEdge pro­gram. Un­der this ini­tia­tive; our part­ners are in­vited on a reg­u­lar ba­sis to send their em­ploy­ees to be en­abled on how to go about pitching SAP, on how to go about do­ing the im­ple­men­ta­tion. We have trained a very large num­ber of part­ners over the last cou­ple of years and we will con­tinue to do so.

Can you de­mys­tify Part­ner Pack­ag­ing Fac­tory?

Part­ner Pack­ag­ing Fac­tory pri­mar­ily is an ap­proach. With the help of it, we iden­tify sub-seg­ments in an in­dus­try, look at the so­lu­tion that the part­ners have rolled out for their

cus­tomers, and then take those spe­cific so­lu­tions to that spe­cific in­dus­try sub-seg­ment for a faster roll out.

And who are de­sign­ing those so­lu­tions?

Th­ese so­lu­tions are pri­mar­ily de­signed by the SAP part­ners, along with the a im­ple­men­ta­tion method­ol­ogy. We help them develop a sto­ry­line where they tem­pla­tize it so that they can have a faster de­ploy­ment. For ex­am­ple, a cou­ple of months back we had cre­ated a sto­ry­line around GST-in-abox; which is a bun­dled so­lu­tion with all the end-to-end el­e­ments re­quired for the cus­tomers.

It in­cluded the hard­ware, the SAP S/4HANA so­lu­tion as well as the en­tire life­cy­cle of the im­ple­men­ta­tion. With GST-in-a-box, what we worked to­wards was that in about 10 to 12 weeks’ time, the cus­tomer would go live with th­ese so­lu­tions. So, you’re talk­ing about a cus­tomer mak­ing a pur­chase to­day, start­ing the im­ple­men­ta­tion to­mor­row and in 90 days, ready to go out into the mar­ket. So that’s what GST-in-a-box was, and that’s the di­rec­tion where we are tak­ing our Part­ner Pack­ag­ing Fac­tory to. We have close to around 30 odd so­lu­tions in the spa­ces of SAP S/4HANA, SAP Suc­cessFac­tors, CRM and oth­ers, which are ready for dif­fer­ent in­dus­tries, and dif­fer­ent in­dus­try sub-seg­ments.

Is SAP Leonardo a game-changer for the com­pany?

Cer­tainly. SAP Leonardo is a next-gen­er­a­tion so­lu­tion, which helps the cus­tomers with pre­dic­tive an­a­lyt­ics lever­ag­ing in some tech­nolo­gies such as IoT, blockchain, ma- chine learn­ing, big data an­a­lyt­ics among oth­ers.

What is the ap­praisal of adop­tion of newer tech by en­ter­prises?

The man­u­fac­tur­ing and dis­crete man­u­fac­tur­ing sec­tors con­tinue to be on the top, and that’s what the ‘Make in In­dia’ sto­ry­line also talks about. We are also see­ing the sig­nif­i­cant amount of adop­tion in our space com­ing into the ser­vices in­dus­tries. So, we’ll start see­ing that com­ing in as we move along with our newer of­fer­ings, which will get launched shortly.

On the SAP ac­cel­er­ated pro­gram

It’s pro­gress­ing well. Be­yond the pro­gramme, we are also work­ing with quite a few start-ups in the coun­try to build up apps on top of the SAP Cloud Plat­form, which can help en­hance the pro­duc­tiv­ity and ef­fi­ciency of our cus­tomers. It’s a very im­por­tant area of fo­cus for us, and as we walk down that path, it’s mak­ing us a lot more flex­i­ble, agile and nim­ble in terms of the of­fer­ings that we give to our cus­tomers, or the start-ups can give to the cus­tomer in the mar­ket to­day.

Pri­or­i­ties for 2018

In a nut­shell, ‘Grow with SAP’ is the main mantra for us. With re­spect to part­ners, our key fo­cus would be en­hanced reach into the mar­ket. Our key fo­cus would con­tinue to be work­ing to­wards en­abling the part­ners to get higher mar­gins, and make sure our part­ners look for­ward to hav­ing our busi­ness is a lot more rel­e­vant.

We will also con­tinue to grow in the non-metro space, ex­pand­ing the part­ner ecosys­tem. Our cloud con­tri­bu­tion has grown up sig­nif­i­cantly and faster than the mar­ket. So, those would be the key pri­or­ity ar­eas for us as we move ahead.

We are also see­ing the sig­nif­i­cant amount of adop­tion in our space com­ing into the ser­vices in­dus­tries. So, we’ll start see­ing that com­ing in as we move along with our newer of­fer­ings, which will get launched shortly

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