Wife held for bid on hubby

Woman hatches plan with paramour

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FAC­ING DO­MES­TIC vi­o­lence from her hus­band, Su­nitha hatched a plan, along with her lover, to kill her hus­band.

AFTER THE plan foiled, Su­nitha filed a com­plaint against her hus­band for ha­rass­ment.

A 31-year-old house­maid, her lover, and her lover’s driver were ar­rested on Thursday by the Narayan­guda po­lice for kid­nap­ping and at­tempt­ing to mur­der her hus­band.

Su­nitha, the ac­cused, was un­happy with her mar­riage. “She and her hus­band, De­vakatey Gyanesh­war, would have fre­quent quar­rels and fights over petty is­sues. She started hav­ing an af­fair with 54-year-old B. Srini­vas Murthy, a res­i­dent of Yapral, who was one of her em­ploy­ers,” said B. Ravin­der, in­spec­tor of Narayan­guda.

Frus­trated by the do­mes­tic vi­o­lence she was con­stantly fac­ing at home, Su­nitha hatched a plan, along with Srini­vas, to kill her hus­band. Late on Saturday night, Su­nitha gave Gyanesh­war wa­ter laced with sleep­ing pills. She waited for him to be­come un­con­scious and then alerted Srini­vas, who sent his driver, U. Venkatesh, to pick him up.

Gyanesh­war was tied up and taken to ECIL cross­roads in an auto rick­shaw. There he was moved to Srini­vas’s car and taken to an iso­lated spot at Ankireddy Pally in Keesara.

How­ever, Gyanesh­war soon re­gained con­scious­ness and be­gan call­ing for help. He man­aged to un­tie his hands, bit Srini­vas when he at­tempted to scare him with a can of de­odor­ant, and es­caped.

Afraid of the con­se­quences of her hus­band’s es­cape, Su­nitha filed a com­plaint with the Narayan­guda po­lice, claim­ing that her hus­band had been hurt­ing her while ine­bri­ated.

After a thor­ough in­ves­ti­ga­tion, the po­lice man­aged to place the en­tire pic­ture to­gether and ar­rested Su­nitha, Srini­vas and Venkatesh. The three were booked un­der rel­e­vant sec­tions of the IPC for kid­nap­ping and at­tempt to mur­der.

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