Lakhs lost be­cause of top ICICI man­ager

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Iwanted to open an ac­count with the ICICI bank for which one of my friends re­ferred me to a per­son named Teja. He was told that I needed some help with opening an ac­count in his branch. The man also had a girl with him named Preeti who was work­ing for the ICICI pru­den­tial.

They came to my clinic with the ac­count opening forms. I told them that I have an ac­count in an­other branch of ICICI bank which was cur­rently dor­mant. The man ad­vised me not to give my work­ing num­ber.

They pointed out that the Malakpet branch would be too far for me. They said they would pro­vide the door step ser­vice.

They then asked me to hand over the cash to them. I did not give it to them at the time. They asked me to come to the bank.

Next day I went to the branch. I was made to sit in the man­ager’s cabin. Preeti was there. I had cash of `3.5 lakh I handed over to him.

He wrote the num­ber on the slip which I was asked to fill.

Teja re­turned me the stamped counter foil of the pay in form.

He told me that I can come and col­lect the cheque book when­ever I was free.

He also sug­gested that I open an­other cur­rent ac­count in my name for the swip­ing ma­chine. I agreed to his sug­ges­tion.

He came back to my clinic with the forms. I signed the same and he opened a new cur­rent ac­count. He also made me take ICICI Pru­den­tial poli­cies of `1.5 lakh.

At about the same time, the gov­ern­ment de­moni­tised the `1,00 and `500 de­nom­i­na­tion notes. I had cash of around `4.5 lakh with me in the high de­nom­i­na­tion notes after hav­ing sold my ve­hi­cle. I was a lit­tle wor­ried and called Teja again.

He told me not to worry since it was not a prob­lem. “You don't have to stand in the queue. Come down to Malakpet branch and call me,” he said.

When I went there, Teja sug­gested that I put `2.5 lakh in the sav­ings ac­count and `2 lakh in the cur­rent ac­count. He again noted my ac­count num­ber from the sys­tem, Preeti was also there. I was again asked to fill the slip which I did. Teja gave me the two coun­ter­foils. I came back happy.

Now I needed the money be­cause I wanted to pur­chase some land.

As usual, I called Teja and asked him about the de­tails of my two ac­counts. He im­me­di­ately gave me the de­tails about my cur­rent ac­count but said he was not able to trace the sav­ings ac­count num­ber.

The next day, when I called him, he again said he was un­able to trace the ac­count.

I re­minded him that it was he who had opened my ac­count. I also asked him about the `6 lack de­posited. He said he could not re­mem­ber.

I ap­proached the branch man­ager K. Shiva Bala and ex­plained to him the whole sit­u­a­tion. He also tried to find out if there was a sav­ings ac­count in my name but was un­able to trace.

One of the bank em­ploy­ees later told me that since Teja is the oper­a­tional man­ager, he can stamp the coun­ter­foils even with­out opening the ac­count.

I trusted him so I gave the money to him.

I am think­ing of fil­ing a po­lice com­plaint.

I gave the op­er­a­tions man­ager the cash for opening an ac­count. He gave me the coun­ter­foils of the pay in slip. Bur later when I in­quired, my ac­count was miss­ing in the bank records.

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