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If you want your kids to be well-man­nered, serve them food cut into bite-sized pieces. A study on 12 chil­dren aged 6-10 years has found that kids who bite into food us­ing their front teeth are half as obe­di­ent to adults and twice as ag­gres­sive to­wards other kids than those chil­dren who eat food cut into chew­able pieces. In the study, the chil­dren were di­vided into two groups, with one be­ing served chicken on the bone and the other in bite-sized pieces. The groups were asked to stay in­side a nine-foot-ra­dius. The test was then con­ducted with the con­di­tions re­versed for the two groups. In both the cases, chil­dren who bit into their food were found more likely to move out of the cir­cle or in­dulge in dis­or­derly ac­tiv­i­ties. Eat­ingBe­hav­iors,April1(on­line)

When 6-10 year olds eat drum­sticks in­stead of deboned chicken they are...

COUR­TESY: COR­NELL FOOD & BRAND LA ...twice as likely to dis­obey adults ...and twice as ag­gres­sive to­ward other kids Cut food into bite-sized pieces if you want

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