Pun­ish pla­gia­rism


The views ex­pressed by Pro­fes­sor K L Cho­pra ("Top sci­en­tists mis­use power, funds", March 16-31, 2015) are of im­mense im­por­tance in the con­text of In­dian Science and the coun­try's sci­en­tific com­mu­nity. His views are true in the sense that if we have to sur­vive as a pres­ti­gious na­tion and knowl­edge power, we need to in­tro­duce "laws of pun­ish­ment for Pla­gia­rism" and trans­form our sys­tem slowly. The time is ripe as tech­nol­ogy too is de­vel­oped to check such pla­gia­rism (soft­wares de­vel­oped and used by in­ter­na­tional jour­nals). A na­tional ef­fort is needed in this di­rec­tion.

Be­ware of the dragon

This refers to "Ti­betan land­scape may soon dis­ap­pear" (March 1-15, 2015). China has a se­vere wa­ter prob­lem like many coun­tries in this part of the world. Its re­sources of fresh­wa­ter are one-third of the global av­er­age. To aug­ment them, China plans to build around 100 dams to gen­er­ate power from ma­jor rivers ris­ing in Ti­bet and di­vert their flows to its north. Cur­rently, many of the Hi­malayan rivers that arise in Ti­bet and flow into South Asia (In­dia, Pak­istan and Bangladesh) have been rel­a­tively un­touched by dams near their sources. If this fre­netic dam-build­ing goes on over the next few years, "the Hi­malayas may be­come the most dammed re­gion in the world", ac­cord­ing to Ed Grumbine, vis­it­ing in­ter­na­tional sci­en­tist with the Chi­nese Academy of Sciences in Kun­ming. China will then emerge as the ul­ti­mate con­troller of wa­ter. In the ab­sence of a wa­ter treaty be­tween In­dia and China, one has to de­pend on Bei­jing's as­sur­ances which have not al­ways been ex­plicit and trans­par­ent. The fact that China's gov­ern­ment is made up of en­gi­neers and that China has a pen­chant for mas­sive en­gi­neer­ing projects like the Three Gorges dam should not be over­looked. Th­ese are is­sues that In­dia should se­ri­ously dis­cuss with China to en­sure that rivers flow­ing to­wards In­dia are not jeop­ar­dised as mil­lions de­pend on th­ese wa­ters.

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