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The story Blur­ring iden­ti­ties (16-31 May, 2015) was unique on many counts. Per­son­hood to an­i­mals is a fal­lacy that can only ex­ist in the polemics of the an­i­mal right ac­tivists. Ev­ery­one knows that most an­i­mals have been sources of food for hu­man be­ings from time im­memo­rial. Can this nat­u­ral chain be bro­ken now? All of us, even vege­tar­i­ans, ap­prove of do­mes­ti­cat­ing a wide range of an­i­mals and in­sects for their in­ter­est and thus en­croach upon their right of free­dom, food and habi­tat. Can acts like milk­ing a cow, sad­dling a horse, yok­ing bul­locks, squeez­ing hon­ey­combs and chain­ing dogs be con­doned un­der the pro­posed per­son­hood? An­i­mal rights ac­tivists first ought to pon­der whether hu­man civil­i­sa­tion has granted per­son­hood to all its races across the globe. To­day, the bane of one

coun­try or race is ex­ploited as a boon by another coun­try or race. In such a sce­nario, the very idea of per­son­hood for an­i­mals looks far-fetched. The least hu­mans can do for an­i­mals is do­mes­ti­cate and treat them kindly and make their butcher­ing as hu­mane as pos­si­ble.




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