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Re­cently, In­dian sci­en­tists fig­ured out rea­sons for the par­a­site that causes kala azar or vis­ceral leish­ma­ni­a­sis to be­come drug-re­sis­tant. In 1997, Down To Earth had re­ported about an­other de­vel­op­ment on kala azar. kThanks to a new for­mu­la­tion, the treat­ment of kala azar may be­come quicker, safer and more ef­fec­tivey (Con­quer­ing kala azar, 1-15 Au­gust, 1997). From for­mu­lat­ing ef­fec­tive drugs to a so­lu­tion to dru­gre­sis­tant kala azar, In­dia sure has come a long way on the dis­ease.

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