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WHEN IT CAME TO THE V12 CARS, Fer­rari had im­ple­mented the big changes a few years be­fore evo came to be. We’re now used to Maranello’s big-banger GTs hav­ing their V12s sit­ting well back in the nose rather than be­hind the seats, but even when the 575M Maranello was in­tro­duced in 2002, it still felt odd not to have a flat-12, Tes­tarossa-shaped flag­ship for the se­ries-pro­duc­tion range.

The 550 of 1996 was a mel­low ma­chine, and the 575 con­tin­ued that vibe, al­beit with more power (508 ver­sus 478bhp) and the op­tion of an F1 pad­dleshift gear­box. The early cars proved to be con­sid­er­ably quicker than the 550, but also a bit at sea damp­ing-

Wwise. There sim­ply wasn’t enough sup­port, so the 575 tended to scrape its belly through big com­pres­sions. The sub­se­quent Fio­rano Han­dling Pack ad­dressed the is­sues and the 575M be­lat­edly found its feet. We weren’t fans of the F1 ’box – though more po­tent, the 575’s de­meanour still bet­ter suited a stick – but things would start to change with the 575M HGTC. This car brought some ag­gres­sion to Fer­rari’s V12 propo­si­tion. It was great to drive and eye-wa­ter­ingly ex­pen­sive, but noth­ing com­pared with what was to come.

The 599 GTB Fio­rano of 2006 was a bruiser of a car. One pow­ered by a 611bhp de­riv­a­tive of the Enzo’s V12 and mated to what at the time was the best pad­dleshift ’box around. Then there were the new­fan­gled mag­netic

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