You’d bet­ter be pre­pared for the worst when you’re head­ing off-road. The right equip­ment can go a long way in keep­ing you go­ing

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RIGHT, SO YOU’VE GOT your­self an SUV and you’re plan­ning to head out to ex­plore some trails. Great, get your SUV to do what it was built to do! How­ever, no mat­ter how fancy the elec­tron­ics on your SUV, or how skilled a driver you are, never head out without car­ry­ing the right equip­ment. Even hard­core

Roff-road builds with the most skilled drivers never head out to trails (or com­pe­ti­tions) without car­ry­ing suf­fi­cient re­cov­ery equip­ment. The last thing you want is to be stuck some­where re­mote without cell­phone cov­er­age and a two tonne ve­hi­cle that re­fuses to budge. Here are some es­sen­tials you should take with you on your next trip to the wild out­doors.

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