Nikita Wu & Rahul Nayer

The bride has Chi­nese roots on her fa­ther’s side and her mom is from Nepal; the groom’s mother is Ma­ha­rash­trian and fa­ther is Malay­ali

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It all be­gan with an early morn­ing dream, the kind you wake up to and won­der if it was real. She dreamed of a wed­ding card, which read “Nikita weds Rahul” and a wed­ding in Goa. The only glitch was that Nikita Wu did not know any­one named Rahul. Yet.

She met Rahul Nayer the same month she had that dream, and two years later, they were mar­ried. No prizes for guess­ing the des­ti­na­tion they chose for their big day!

The thing about dreams is that you need to work to­wards making them a re­al­ity, and be­lieve that it is pos­si­ble. Nikita and Rahul met via a com­mon friend in Mum­bai where Rahul was based as a pi­lot. “Even in a big group of friends, we were the only two peo­ple talk­ing and guid­ing con­ver­sa­tions. It’s not like sparks flew all over the place, but I re­alised that there was some­thing in­ter­est­ing hap­pen­ing that evening,” says Rahul of their first en­counter.

He had to visit Delhi of­ten for his avi­a­tion li­cens­ing, which meant that he got more time to spend with Nikita. Sip­ping on yak but­ter tea in a quaint restau­rant at Ma­jnu ka Tilla (the Ti­betan mar­ket) they spent time to­gether – ‘pla-


The couple had a church wed­ding in Goa along with a tra­di­tional Ma­ha­rash­trian wed­ding in Delhi

It’s not like sparks flew in­stantly, but they re­alised that there was some­thing in­ter­est­ing hap­pen­ing that evening

tonic’ dates, as they called them. Discussing sub­jects rang­ing from for­eign pol­icy to TV se­ries, what struck them most was their shared love for travel and ad­ven­ture.

Nikita has Chi­nese roots from her fa­ther’s side and her mother is from Nepal, whereas Rahul’s mother is Ma­ha­rash­trian and fa­ther is Malay­ali. Com­ing from dif­fer­ent cul­tural back­grounds was never an is­sue. “We al­ways joke that our chil­dren are go­ing to have a quar­ter of each lin­eage,” says Nikita and it’s true that they will have the best of four worlds. “His par­ents are ex­tremely lib­eral,” she adds. “They had no ob­jec­tions to a church wed­ding in Goa.” Ul­ti­mately, their wed­ding cer­e­monies were

split into two beau­ti­ful parts: one was a church wed­ding in Goa and the other a Ma­ha­rash­trian wed­ding in Delhi.

“The only thing that has changed af­ter mar­riage is that both of us have found a travel com­pan­ion who’s on the same wave­length, ready to push the bound­aries of what’s pos­si­ble and what’s not,” says Rahul. To­gether, they travel the world, take cour­ses in ad­ven­ture sports like scuba div­ing and paraglid­ing.

“Be­ing a pi­lot, Rahul is away a lot but the time that we spend with each other while trav­el­ling is spe­cial,” says Nikita.

Both earth signs – one a Tau­rus, the other a Virgo – they live up to the myth of be­ing per­fectly matched in the sun-sign depart­ment. But in the end, what mat­ters most is the will­ing­ness with which they take part in each other’s crazi­ness, mark­ing ev­ery chap­ter in their lives with one more thing to share with each other.

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