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To fine­tune your de­fences against viruses, now is the time to take ad­van­tage of foods and nat­u­ral sub­stances that boost your im­mu­nity.


Be­fore reach­ing for vi­ta­min sup­ple­ments, it is a good idea to boost your daily in­take of foods that are rich in vi­ta­min C, which is an an­tivi­ral that is not nat­u­rally pro­duced by the body. Fruit such as clemen­tines, lemons, or­anges, grape­fruit and ki­wis are well-known sources of vi­ta­min C, as are blackcurrants and red berries. With re­gard to veg­eta­bles, vi­ta­min C is found in broc­coli, turnips, cab­bage, pep­pers, fen­nel and spinach.


An anti-in­flam­ma­tory and an­tibac­te­rial, grape­fruit seed ex­tract can com­bat 800 va­ri­eties of virus and bac­te­ria. Taken in liq­uid form with­out al­co­hol, it is ef­fec­tive as a pre­ven­tive and a treat­ment for all types of in­fec­tions in­clud­ing colds, ear nose and throat in­fec­tions in gen­eral, flu, bronchial com­plaints, and a tonic for chronic fa­tigue and a weak­ened im­mune sys­tem.


A honey bee se­cre­tion, royal jelly is used to feed queen bees, which is how it got its name. It stim­u­lates and strength­ens im­mune de­fenses. An­other api­cul­ture prod­uct, propo­lis, a resinous mix­ture can be taken as a pre­ven­tive (colds, pharyn­gi­tis or laryn­gi­tis) and as a stim­u­lant (for a pe­riod of 20 days), or in cases of sore throat, in pill or spray form.


It can be con­sumed fresh, in grated form in cook­ing or as an in­fu­sion, like cin­na­mon which also stim­u­lates the im­mune sys­tem.

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