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SPIR­I­TUAL MES­SAGE: The in­tel­li­gent per­son will go in­ward first. Be­fore going any­where else, he will go into his own be­ing; that is the first thing. Only when you have known your­self can you go any­where else. Then wher­ever you go, you will carry bliss­ful­ness around you, says Osho, the Zen master.

ARIES (MAR 21 ­ APR 20)

You are likely to be di­vided about re­la­tion­ships since there are some re­ac­tions and mood swings. Over analysing sit­u­a­tions and re­la­tion­ships only brings fur­ther con­fu­sion. If you med­i­tate, lis­ten to your heart and in­tu­ition you make some re­mark­ably sound choices this week. It’s best to take stock of sit­u­a­tions and put some en­ergy into mak­ing changes and achiev­ing goals at work. Be­ware of aban­don­ing suc­cess in a pro­fes­sional pro­ject due to a gen­eral de­cline of in­ter­est in any­thing. You need to be con­sis­tent and per­sis­tent for a while to achieve sta­bil­ity and ma­te­rial gain. Lucky num­ber: 8 Good colour: Soft pink

TAURUS (APR 21 ­ MAY 21)

A cre­ative op­por­tu­nity al­lows you to be original and ex­press your ideas freely. A per­sonal re­la­tion­ship is vi­tal and ro­man­tic. This is not a time to look for com­mit­ment or prom­ise but to ex­pe­ri­ence the mo­ment in its to­tal­ity. You are kind and in­dul­gent to­wards friends and they tend to take ad­van­tage of your gen­er­ous na­ture. A young woman close to you or a daugh­ter is ready to make an in­de­pen­dent choice about a re­la­tion­ship. It’s im­por­tant to spend time with par­ents or chil­dren to re­fresh bond­ing. Fam­ily and chil­dren de­mand time, at­ten­tion and en­ergy, but give you love and joy in re­turn. Lucky num­ber: 5 Good colour: Rain­bow pas­tels

GEMINI (MAY 22 ­ JUN 21)

Adopt an easy, nat­u­ral and or­di­nary ap­proach to sit­u­a­tions you en­counter this week! It’s ad­vis­able to be pru­dent in re­la­tion­ships and care­ful in money trans­ac­tions! Be­ware of over in­dul­gence in food, drink or work, as you tend to dis­re­gard warn­ing sig­nals. The spe­cial gift you have to of­fer to friends, col­leagues and loved ones is an easy, re­laxed non-judg­men­tal and lov­ing at­ti­tude. Fam­ily dis­putes are set­tled peace­fully. Im­por­tant visitors, mes­sages and com­mu­ni­ca­tions can be ex­pected. Bal­ance, peace and har­mony in re­la­tion­ships are your goals and achieve­ments this week. Lucky num­ber: 8 Good colour: Cherry red

CANCER (JUN 22 ­ JUL 22)

You are blessed with cre­ative en­ergy and warmth in earthy as­pects of your life this week. You bring or­der and neat­ness in chaotic spa­ces and sit­u­a­tions. Chil­dren need your sup­port, guid­ance and de­mand qual­ity time from you. You can ex­pect hap­pen­ings at home and pro­fes­sional ac­tiv­i­ties to keep you busy and in­volved. A trip is on the cards! Health and fit­ness rou­tines should not be aban­doned due to lazi­ness. You are able to re­cover good health that may have slipped away from you in the re­cent past. It’s a good idea to keep fit and healthy to cope with work and per­sonal pres­sures. Lucky num­ber: 7 Good colour: Emer­ald greens

LEO (JUL 23 ­ AUG 23)

You re­ju­ve­nate your body by spend­ing time with na­ture and in earthy ac­tiv­ity. You bring bal­ance and per­spec­tive in your life. A trip is on the cards! News and visitors from far-off places are likely to ar­rive. Redec­o­rat­ing home or of­fice space in­fuses fresh en­ergy and aids cre­ativ­ity. Fi­nances and ma­te­rial ef­fects need to be pre­served. Walk­ing or gar­den­ing can be ther­a­peu­tic pas­times. You are in good shape and sport new styles and clothes. You re­solve con­flicts with a wise ap­proach. As you step into new sit­u­a­tions, you be­come free of old addictions and emo­tional pat­terns. Lucky num­ber: 7 Good colour: Yel­low

VIRGO (AUG 24 ­ SEP 23)

Ex­pect al­ter­na­tion of weak­ness and strength, ela­tion and melan­choly for a time be­fore achiev­ing bal­ance and sta­bil­ity this week. Cre­ative achieve­ment, spir­i­tual growth and a taste of free­dom are yours if you drop at­tach­ments to long-term plans and un­re­al­is­tic goals. This is a time of shar­ing love and hos­pi­tal­ity with friends and fam­ily. Be­ware of waste, dis­si­pa­tion or over in­dul­gence dur­ing so­cial en­gage­ments. Par­tic­i­pa­tion in sport and plea­sur­able ac­tiv­ity helps to re­ju­ve­nate your en­ergy. Re­main in touch with your sense of hu­mour. New pos­si­bil­i­ties, love and ro­mance are on the cards this week. Lucky num­ber: 2 Good colour: Deep red

LIBRA (SEP 24 ­ OCT 23)

Your po­si­tion of power and fi­nan­cial se­cu­rity is main­tained this week as pro­fes­sional sit­u­a­tions sta­bilise. You come to terms within your­self after some in­tro­spec­tion, call a truce in a con­flict and gain har­mony! Co­or­di­nate and del­e­gate re­spon­si­bil­ity rather than try to han­dle ev­ery­thing your­self. Pro­fes­sional suc­cess is blended with anx­i­ety, as changes are im­mi­nent. You are lucky with fi­nances, ma­te­rial and le­gal as­pects. It’s best not to post­pone im­por­tant de­ci­sions so as you are re­leased from de­mands, ten­sions and re­stric­tions. Con­flicts can be re­solved through dis­cus­sion and me­di­a­tion. Lucky num­ber: 4 Good colour: Emer­ald green


Your heart is blessed with plea­sure and hap­pi­ness in per­sonal re­la­tion­ships and fam­ily sit­u­a­tions this week. You are about to achieve a heart’s de­sire and can plan for some changes in your life. A won­der­ful pro­fes­sional op­por­tu­nity takes you to­wards suc­cess and fame. Your as­so­ci­ates prove their loy­alty by sup­port­ing you in a cri­sis. Trust your in­tu­ition and feel­ings about friends and as­so­ci­ates. You are in har­mony with ex­is­tence and in rhythm with life — ac­cept this great gift and share it with loved ones. You spend time with a good friend at a time of need. Yoga and med­i­ta­tion work won­ders for you! Lucky num­ber: 1 Good colour: Lo­tus pink


A pos­i­tive and cre­ative ap­proach brings gain and res­o­lu­tion in old con­flicts and work sit­u­a­tions. You need to view pro­fes­sional and busi­ness prob­lems from a bal­anced per­spec­tive. A new work op­por­tu­nity can change the way you work and re­late with peo­ple pro­fes­sion­ally! You gain a fresh per­spec­tive on life once you let go old fix­a­tions, addictions and pat­terns. Change be­ing a con­stant fac­tor of life there is no need to hang on to dead re­la­tion­ships. Ex­press your feel­ings! You are ready for a new lifestyle now that in­cludes new sys­tems, di­ets, ther­apy, ex­er­cise and at­ti­tudes, which are more pos­i­tive and healthy. Lucky num­ber: 12 Good colour: Pure white


You are en­er­gized to ac­tively pur­sue and achieve your goals, which are closer than you imag­ine. En­ergy is of high ve­loc­ity and things hap­pen quickly as you fall in love with a new idea or per­son. Your light at­ti­tude and sense of hu­mour cre­ates a happy mood wher­ever you go this week. Things hap­pen swiftly and you need to be ready with quick de­ci­sions or else, op­por­tu­ni­ties pass you by. You are bold and forth­right in voic­ing your opin­ions and can get into much trou­ble be­cause of it. Your so­cial life is scin­til­lat­ing as you spend happy times with a loved one. Lucky num­ber: 8 Good colour: Lo­tus li­lac


Un­ex­pected hap­pen­ings, visitors, travel and im­por­tant com­mu­ni­ca­tions are on the cards this week! A new op­por­tu­nity ex­pands your vi­sion and hori­zon. You del­e­gate re­spon­si­bil­ity and al­low free­dom and space to oth­ers so they can flower and grow to their po­ten­tial. Guard against un­re­li­able peo­ple or in­vest­ments as they could lead you into risky busi­ness. Don’t al­low sit­u­a­tions or peo­ple to cor­rupt you! You are cre­ative and original in­fus­ing new ideas in what­ever you do. You make prom­ises in re­la­tion­ships out of your own free­dom, to­tal­ity and con­vic­tion. Lucky num­ber: 17 Good colour: Pea­cock green

PISCES (FEB 20 ­ MAR 20)

You are em­pow­ered to achieve goals at work and love in per­sonal re­la­tion­ships this week. You gain from com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills and cre­ativ­ity as projects are re­vived. You need a log­i­cal ap­proach to achieve your ob­jec­tives. You re­tain an im­por­tant po­si­tion of power and in­flu­ence de­spite all the changes that hap­pen. Deals and prop­erty mat­ters can be con­cluded with a lit­tle ef­fort on your part. Do not al­low emo­tions to come in the way of pro­fes­sional de­ci­sions. A bril­liant idea or per­son can con­fuse you; stick to your original plans. Take one step at a time to climb the lad­der of suc­cess. Lucky num­ber: 6 Good colour: Sky blue

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