Watch the in­spir­ing jour­ney of six peo­ple who have con­quered their per­sonal Ever­est!

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uit­ting smok­ing is a huge chal­lenge for most smok­ers in In­dia. As per the World Health Or­ga­ni­za­tion, over 900,000 peo­ple in In­dia die due to to­bacco con­sump­tion ev­ery year — it has been iden­ti­fied as the sin­gle biggest rea­son for non-com­mu­ni­ca­ble dis­ease-re­lated deaths*.

As per GATS-2 (Global Adult To­bacco Sur­vey) In­dia 2016-17, some 56% of male smok­ers planned to or were think­ing about giv­ing up the habit. For most of them, quit­ting smokingis no easy task. In fact, it’s as dif­fi­cult as climb­ing a moun­tain — climb­ing Mt Ever­est, their per­sonal Ever­est. How­ever, it’s im­por­tant to note that just like climb­ing the Ever­est, while a task might seem ex­tremely dif­fi­cult, it cer­tainly isn’t im­pos­si­ble.

Ni­co­tex has helped thou­sands of smok­ers on their jour­ney to quit smok­ing. And, in or­der to in­spire many more, Ni­co­tex launched a unique show, ‘I Can You Can’, in part­ner­ship with Viu, an on-de­mand In­ter­net con­tent app, where the se­ries is avail­able to watch. The show had six par­tic­i­pants — three teams, each com­pris­ing one as­pir­ing quit­ter and an ex-smoker — on a trek to the Ever­est Base Camp, with the as­pir­ing quit­ters aim­ing to con­quer their per­sonal Ever­est of quit­ting smok­ing. The show was hosted by none other than Milind So­man, In­dia’s own Iron Man and an ex-smoker him­self. Kas­bekar, shared their quit sto­ries, and in­vited oth­ers to share theirs as well. Many shared their sto­ries across Ni­co­tex so­cial me­dia as­sets, and six peo­ple with the best sto­ries (three smok­ers try­ing to quit and three ex-smok­ers) were se­lected to un­der­take this unique jour­ney to con­quer not just the Ever­est Base camp but also their own per­sonal Ever­est.

Milind So­man, model, ac­tor, marathoner, hosted this six-part web se­ries. As an ex-smoker and an in­spi­ra­tion to quit­ters, he sup­ported the pairs through their jour­ney to the Ever­est Base Camp. He said, “I took my first drag of a cig­a­rette and, of course, I hated it, but soon I was smok­ing al­most 30 ci­garettes a day.” But once he re­alised that he needed to quit smok­ing, he slowly tried to give it up. Fi­nally, af­ter three years, he quit for good.

One of the par­tic­i­pants, Sudeep Ku­mar, an as­pir­ing quit­ter, shared his story: “I have been smok­ing for about 21 years now, and have tried quit­ting sev­eral times, but have al­ways picked it up back again.” He also said that if he was able to un­der­take this jour­ney to the Ever­est Base Camp, it would in­spire him and give him the con­fi­dence that he can quit smok­ing, too.

But get­ting se­lected for the trek was not the end, just the be­gin­ning. The ul­ti­mate test was to dodge the urge to smoke while trekking up to the Ever­est Base Camp. So, their jour­ney, be­sides be­ing phys­i­cally tax­ing, also in­volved a lot of men­tal re­straint for the smok­ers and en­cour­age­ment from the ex-smok­ers to stay off ci­garettes. This en­tire in­spir­ing jour­ney was video doc­u­mented and aired on Na­tional Geo­graphic Chan­nel.

So, for all smok­ers who want to quit and think it’s just not pos­si­ble, think again. Ni­co­tex is a nico­tine gum that helps you quit smok­ing, us­ing the prin­ci­ple of Nico­tine Re­place­ment Ther­apy.

A 12-week ther­apy pro­gramme us­ing Ni­co­tex can help you get back to an ac­tive life with­out de­pen­dence on nico­tine.

Ni­co­tex is avail­able in two strengths: 2mg and 4mg. The 2mg strength is rec­om­mended for those who smoke 20 or fewer ci­garettes per day. The 4mg strength is rec­om­mended for those who smoke more than 20 ci­garettes per day, and it needs to be pre­scribed by a physi­cian.

*(Ref: In­sti­tute for Health Met­rics and Eval­u­a­tion. GBD Com­pare: Global, deaths, Both sexes, All ages, 2010: Uni­ver­sity of Wash­ing­ton;2013[cited 2014 Au­gust 21])


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