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ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 20) You seem to be in the mid­dle of do­ing a bal­anc­ing act be­tween two feud­ing sides, so be im­par­tial in your de­ci­sions to avoid re­sent­ment. You will need to be more vis­i­ble at work to get no­ticed. Un­ex­pected ex­pen­di­ture threat­ens to up­set your bud­get. Aca­demic scene may not look too favourable at this mo­ment, but give it some time. For the new­ly­weds, close­ness will help un­der­stand each other.

Lucky No: 01 Lucky Colour: White TAURUS (APR 21 - MAY 20) It is time you stopped com­par­ing your­self with peo­ple you think are bet­ter off than you; it will only in­crease your frus­tra­tion. Be con­tent with what you have. Com­pe­ti­tion is likely to get stiffer on the pro­fes­sional front, but you will man­age to hold your own. De­lib­er­ate well be­fore you end a re­la­tion­ship.

Lucky No: 2 Lucky Colour: Pink GEMINI

(MAY 21 - JUN 21) Be care­ful of what you spend on for you can very easily over­step the bud­get to­day. At work, your hands-on ex­pe­ri­ence is likely to hold you in good stead. You may need to get more or­gan­ised in your per­sonal life. An out­ing can prove ex­pen­sive. Home rem­edy will help treat a mi­nor ail­ment.

Lucky No: 8 Lucky Colour: Me­tal­lic Blue CAN­CER (JUNE 22 - JULY 22) Those ail­ing may be on the road to re­cov­ery and will be their nor­mal self again soon. Ex­penses loom­ing on the hori­zon may need your per­sonal at­ten­tion. Work­place col­leagues will lend you a help­ing hand with­out any reser­va­tions. You may or­gan­ise a func­tion. Spir­i­tu­al­ity may have spe­cial at­trac­tion for you.

Lucky No: 9 Lucky Colour: White LEO (JULY 23 - AUG 23) Take the ini­tia­tive to break the ice with some­one who ap­pears dis­tant at this point in time. You may waste pre­cious time in wild goose chase on the aca­demic front. A de­plet­ing bank bal­ance may get you wor­ried. Your ro­man­tic as­pi­ra­tions are likely to be re­warded soon, so wait for the cu­pid’s arrow!

Lucky No: 18 Lucky Colour: Red VIRGO (AUG 24 - SEPT 23) Be more as­sertive in en­sur­ing what you want, as you can be taken for granted by oth­ers. Tak­ing things lightly on the aca­demic front can ad­versely af­fect your ca­reer prospects. Trav­el­ling with fam­ily to a tourist des­ti­na­tion is on the cards and will be im­mensely en­joy­able. Avoid street food and drinks.

Lucky No: 5 Lucky Colour: Light Green LIBRA (SEPT 24 - OCT 23) You may be way off the mark in your opin­ion about some­one who has been out of touch with you. At work, you will do well to en­ter new fields to broaden your hori­zons. Ex­pected pay­ments are likely to get re­leased soon. Sup­port of a well-wisher at work will help you. Those crav­ing com­pan­ion­ship will need to cast their net wider.

Lucky No: 17 Lucky Colour: Dark Grey SCORPIO (OCT 24 - NOV 22) It is best to hold your horses for some more time and wait for an opportune mo­ment that is still some way off. Your sus­pi­cions about some­one may prove cor­rect. It is im­por­tant to re­main in the thick of things on the aca­demic front. Close en­coun­ters of the ro­man­tic kind are on the anvil.

Lucky No: 6 Lucky Colour: Peach SAGITTARIUS (NOV 23 - DEC 21) A bet­ter deal is in the off­ing for those in busi­ness. Half-mea­sures at work may be detri­men­tal to your im­age, so get in­volved. Take the help of some­one knowl­edge­able on the aca­demic front. You need to sal­vage your re­la­tion­ship go­ing down­hill by open­ing all lines of com­mu­ni­ca­tions with part­ner.

Lucky No: 15 Lucky Colour: Rosie Brown CAPRICORN (DEC 22 - JAN 21) Clear your doubts and un­der­stand com­pletely what is ex­pected of you in a cur­rent un­der­tak­ing at work, if you want to avoid prob­lems at a later date. A sense of fore­bod­ing can make you un­easy; try to find the rea­son be­fore it starts play­ing on your nerves. Lover’s com­pany proves most en­joy­able.

Lucky No: 7 Lucky Colour: Sky Blue AQUARIUS (JAN 22 - FEB 19) You may start think­ing about your­self now, even to the ex­tent of be­ing self­ish. Some­one who is pam­per­ing you is set to spoil your habits! Group stud­ies may prove to be of im­mense help on the aca­demic front. At work, your best laid plans may go wrong leav­ing you high and dry. A friend may visit you to­day.

Lucky No: 2 Lucky Colour: Cream PISCES (FEB 20 - MAR 20) Some­one is out to spoil your best laid plans at work, so be care­ful. You will need to pick up speed on the aca­demic front and curb all kinds of dis­trac­tions. Or­gan­is­ing a func­tion on the so­cial front may get you to­tally in­volved. Those look­ing for mat­ri­mo­nial al­liance are likely to find a suit­able mate.

Lucky No: 11 Lucky Colour: Indigo

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